Susannah Place, Sydney

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Susannah Place Museum (also here) is a row of four working-class terraces built in 1844. Rather than being "lovingly restored", each room reflects different occupants from the terrace's 150 year history.

Most of these photos are external. There don't seem to be many internal photos online either.
Middle room of No. 62 (1970s) & basement kitchen of 58
Video about basement of No. 58
Kitchen of No. 60 (1940s Greek family)
Shop at No. 64

There are two rooms upstairs, two living rooms on the ground floor and a basement, where the kitchen was originally located.

No. 64, at the end, is a corner shop.


Two of the terraces have wooden kitchen additions on the back.

Rear of No. 64.

Lean-to typed kitchen addition. (Probably No. 64)

Back living room connected to above kitche.

Rear of No. 62.


Basement. Fairly sure this is No. 62. Its not No. 58.

Rear of No. 60

Narryna, Battery Point, Hobart

This series of photos is from an "1830s merchant’s house" in Hobart. There is more information here, including a site plan and a visitor's guide (PDF) with a description of each of the rooms.

I have broken my photos up by room/part of the house, and linked them below.

1 Entrance Hall
2 Drawing Room
3 Dining Room
4 Guest Bedroom
5 Breakfast Room
6 Back Hall
7 Kitchen
8 Landing
Exhibition Rooms
10 Nursery
11 Bedroom
12 Hall & Dressing Room
13 Servants Quarters
14 Pantry
15 Laundry

Runnymede, overview and outside

There are a number of different posts from this site, so I thought I should do a quick overview of the house to give the context to avoid having to repeat it each time. Other posts from this site can be found under the tag.

Runnymede is in National Trust property, in New Town, a suburb of Hobart. It was built in the 1830s and has been added to over the years. That room on the right is one such addition.

If I remember correctly, it is the ballroom, and has a side entrance via a bay window (partly hidden here by the tree).

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