Laundry, Narryna and appliances

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Narryna, Battery Point, Hobart. (Other rooms are under the Narryna tag.)

Wash trough with washboard and mangle/wringer. More photos of mangle below.

Air-compressed washing machine, Wolter & Etching. More information on these.

These are your standard flat irons. Apply heat. Iron.

But these two are gas irons. Put heat inside. Some more information here (scroll down) and here.

Two lace/frill/fluting/goffering irons. (Two photos of each.) Some information on these here, here (scroll down) and here,  and some other examples here.

This one has a conveniently placed mobile phone for scale.

Finally a wooden washing machine. I can't find anything more about these. I put more photos of it here.