A few years back, I spent the best part of a night trying to find photos that showed the layout of a coach house & stable complex for a scene I was writing. About a week later my mother asked me if I wanted to visit an old homestead where she’s a volunteer guide, because they needed some computer help. The property has a coach house and stables. I took many photos.

Since then, I’ve taken many photos of, well, everything. Buildings, homesteads, towns, ships, museum displays, objects, animals — anything that might be of use to me at sometime. Ten’s of thousands actually. I also have old postcards and magazines collected for the same reason.

I thought other people might find such things useful as well, and I need to sort out what I have so I can find it easier. So, a reference book.

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  1. I’m putting a nostalgia book together for the baby boomer era and I was hoping to use a photo of the wood chip heater from your blog.
    If we can use it we’ll certainly give credits to the blog and web site
    Let me know if its OK to use the pic
    Bob Byrne
    Australia Remember When

  2. Hi Monissa
    I am compiling a dictionary of Australian horse drawn vehicles and need a clear photo of a Motor-back Sulky/Jinker. I do not have a publisher as yet but I wonder if I might have permission to use your photo of the Jinker at Beechworth Musuem (with proper acknowlegement of you as copyright owner)?

  3. Thank you Monissa,
    I found your site because I was searching for information concerning travel in Australia in the 1840's. I am writing a family history and trying to paint a picture of how a husband, wife and five children travelled around country NSW looking for work at that time. Hours of googling have revealed not a single word of information for me to work with. Can you recommend something, I would be ever so grateful.
    Kind Regards
    Peter Scammell


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