Kitchen, Commandant’s House/Canarvon Hotel

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From on-site panels:

When the penal settlement closed in 1877, tourists flocked to the area. In 1885 Port Arthur was renamed Carnarvon and the Commandant's House converted into the Carnavon Hotel. Over the next 70 years it was used as a boarnding house and private residence.

When this kitchen was added in 1854, by Commandant James Boyd, it only catered for a family of four or five. When operating as a hotel the kitchen would cater for between 12 and 30 guests. Most meals were plain English fare -- roasts, boiled meat, boiled vegetables and pudding. Meal preparation consumed much time and energy.

There a number of smaller storage rooms in this area. The light wasn't very good for photos, but I've included two them below.

The one below was labelled as "Store/pantry".

Trentham Cottage, Port Arthur/Carnarvon


From the panel out the front"

"The building here now was built around 1900 by the Trenham family and was called Trentham Cottage. It is a typical house of the Carnovon period [after Port Arthur penal settlement closed down]. The house and garden have been restored to show how they might have looked in 1915."

Looking from the front door.

The short hall was two bedrooms opening off it, and a living room at the end. Unfortunately all these rooms are shown behind glass so they don't photograph well when you're in a hurry.

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