Jennings of 278 Post Office Place advertised safes for sale from 1891 to 1917. (Just prior to that, their address is 272 Post Office Place/Little Bourke Street.

Advocate (Melbourne), 24 November 1917

Western Electric Film Projector

Located in Neil Pitt's Menswear in Launceston, which was formerly the Majestic Theatre, Launceston.


This carbon arc projector was one of two main projectors used in the Majestic Theatre between 1929 and the early 60's. It was most recently kept as part of the collection of Geoff Scholes who regularly screened 35 mm films to friends and family. It's partner projector can be seen the George Town museum.

Water Cart, Horse-drawn

This water cart has two points of interest on the back. On the left is an information panel and on the right is an opening that lets you look inside.

The panel says:

This water cart was used at the Tasmania Mine to spray the mine year to rest the dust. The driver could operate the release valves with a foot lever.

The draught horse pulling the cart must have been a powerful animal as the tank held amost a tonne (1000kg) of water!


Light Weight Air Warning (LW/AW) Radar

Larger image

At the Australian War Memorial.

"The LW/AW set was developed in 1942 in Australia by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (later CSIRO) Radiophysics Laboratory in response to the need for a portable air defence radar station that could be readily deployed in northern Australia, New Guinea and the islands to Australia's north."
Read more (and better photo).

Mountgarrett’s Cottage (lathe & plaster construction)

Larger version

Mountgarrett's Cottage, Woolmers Estate. Constructed for Dr Mountgarrett in the 1820s and later moved to Woolmers, where it was used for agricultural purposes.

I wasn't going to post this one as the photos are poor quality, but because the building hasn't been maintained/restored as a residence, the construction details can be seen.

The cottage consists of two rooms. The main one  through the front door, which has had large double doors added at the back to allow access to the machinery, and a smaller room to the side.

Door to second room. Detail from wall below.

Courtyard, Narryna

Courtyard at rear of house, Narryna, Battery Point, Hobart. Kitchen wing to the left. Pantry & laundry to the right. Photos from beyond the gate at bottom of this post. Larger image

Facing the other way. On the right, kitchen wing with servants room above. Entrance to main house under the low roof at the back.

On the right, kitchen wing with servants room above. Entrance to main house under the low roof at the back,with bedroom window above. Pantry and laundry to the left.

Tower (bottom to top): back hall, dressing room, crow's next

Entrance to main house.



Back corner of courtyard.

Beyond the gate.

Signale gun.

Try pot.

Try pot.

Coach house & stables.

Through gate back to courtyard.

Laundry, Narryna and appliances

Larger image

Narryna, Battery Point, Hobart. (Other rooms are under the Narryna tag.)

Wash trough with washboard and mangle/wringer. More photos of mangle below.

Air-compressed washing machine, Wolter & Etching. More information on these.

These are your standard flat irons. Apply heat. Iron.

But these two are gas irons. Put heat inside. Some more information here (scroll down) and here.

Two lace/frill/fluting/goffering irons. (Two photos of each.) Some information on these here, here (scroll down) and here,  and some other examples here.

This one has a conveniently placed mobile phone for scale.

Finally a wooden washing machine. I can't find anything more about these. I put more photos of it here.