Gatekeepers Cottage, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart

Following the resignation of Dr Story in 1845 after a mere twelve months as superintendent (Secretary Manager), the Royal Society decided to build a separate house for the Superintendent, possibly to make up for the relatively low salary. Designed by the Colonial Architect, Porden Kay, it was situated near the northern end of the Arthur Wall, and initially had two rooms and kitchen downstairs, with a (very) steep stairway to a small attic.

The Gardens and Government House are fortunate in lying on top of a delta-shaped deposit of fine sandstone, easily cut and shaped, whilst the remainder of the Domain is largely dolerite, a hard igneous rock much more difficult to work. Building was completed the same year it was begun, but appears never to have been occupied by any of the Superintendents, though it was certainly well-used. In its time it was home to an Overseer / gatekeeper, served as a porter’s Lodge and Tea Rooms: this last was not a success.
Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Right: Guide to cottage layout (not to scale)

Room 1 to right. Room 2 to left.

Through to Room 1

Back to entrance hall.

Through to Room 1

Back door to lean to (not shown).

Entrance to Room 3 to left of fireplace/under stairs.

Through to Room 3.

Room 3.

Back to Room 2.

Room 2, looking towards front of cottage & hall.

Back to entrance hall

Front door.

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