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Restored tram, belonging to Hobart City Council.

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Built in 1917 as a two-man tram.
No. 39 was originally operated by both a driver and a conductor. In 1926 it was converted to a one-man tram on which the driver was also required to collect the fares. After about 1946, when No. 39 was taken out of service, it served for a number of years as the meal room at the Moonah tram depot. It 1949 a former tramways inspector purchased No. 39 for £10 and kept it in his backyard in New Town for almost 40 years.


No 8 tram, at Launceston Tramway Museum. It was in service in Launceston from October 1911 to June 1951.


Starting from the front, there is the driver's compartment, an open seating section, access to the saloon, saloon, another open seating section with a door into the saloon, and a driver's compartment at the other end.


Driver's compartment (front of tram to the right)

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