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Replica 16th century Dutch ship


Duyfken is a replica of a small ship sent by the Dutch East India Company to explore beyond the known. In 1606 they charted the Cape York Peninsula (the big, pointy bit in the top, right corner) on the first recorded voyage by Europeans to the Great South Land.


We'll start at the bow.


This is the figurehead. (See the heads on either side? Little people heads on the edge of the red corners.)






Now, onto the ship.

Looking foreward

Looking foreward, I guess that is the forecastle. Note the hatch near their feet.


Eye level view.

Under forecastle

Now, this is underneath. Over there on the right


is the firebox for cooking.

Port side

Port side. There are a lot of guns on this little ship.

Main mast

Main mast.

Looking aft

Now looking aft, there's the main cabin and going up is a ladder

Poop deck

to the poop deck.

Poop deck, a little closer

A bit closer. The curved skylight is over the main cabin.

Main cabin, from starboard side

This is the main cabin.

From main cabin

Looking back out to the deck.

Main cabin

The roof beams just touch the top of my head. Taller people had to bend over.

Door to captain's cabin

At the rear of the cabin, this door on the port side

Captain's cabin

opens into the captain's cabin.

Ladder down from main cabin

Back in the other main cabin, on the starboard side, there's a ladder that leads down to here

Stern guns

where there is not much room. More guns. No head room.

Ladder to hold

From that space, shown at the top now, another ladder comes down


into a passageway (facing away from the ladder now), with two doors on either side,


that leads to the hold.

Hold is dark

The hold is rather dark.

Ladder from hold

This ladder leads up the deck, through the hatch previously noted at the fore end of the ship.


This is the stern. There at the bottom is a gun port that opens into the little space between ladders.

Looking alongside