May Queen

This is an old post with small photos. I have better photos now but more pressing things to work on, so if you're interested, comment below and I'll push it to the top of the "To Do" list.

Restored 19th century ketch (built 1867)
Two masts, with the front mast being the taller, both fore and aft rigged.

May Queen

"Australia's oldest sail trading vessel still afloat and one of only four wooden vessels from that era still afloat in the world." Used to transport timber and stuff.

2004, side

She sat in Watermans Dock in Hobart for long time, being restored. Despite the poor light, this shot gives a good overview. No cabins, just hold and deck.

Open for inspection at the Wooden Boat Festival. So, we come in over the stern and down into the black hole.
Below deck

Down in the hold. From the bow, looking along the starboard side. That light on the left is annoying.


Despite the light, it's dark down here.


With the flash on. There's a display panel on the right there.


Towards bow

There's the foredeck.


Bow -- as close as I'm going to get


Deck, starboard side

Looking along the deck, towards the stern. The main mast is on the right. Both masts have fore & aft sails.


Stern, and wheel.

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