Diving Suit

These images come from Chums, an illustrated magazine for boy . Being an illustrated boys' paper, it is full of articles & illustrations about cameras, bicycles, sports and a regular column where the writer visits/takes a ride on some interesting devices. In the November 1892 issue, his adventure was deep sea diving, from which this images comes. I've also included the description of the diving suit.


Every rag of my own clothing did I put off, and then in turn I put on these things. A guernsey of the thickest wool, and a pair of drawers equally thick. The guernsey was tied securely about my waits, and when I had begun to think that I had enough wool on me to face a Scotch winter, I was coolly given another guernsey, and another pair of pants of identical thickness, and make to put them on over the others. I did so, and feeling duly uncomfortable, was given a small red woollen cap to draw over my ears, and a thick pair of stockings which came quite up to my hips. Then they told me that I might get into the tight india-rubber over-dress -- a garment made to fit the shape, and composed of the stoutest sheet india-rubber.

The great brass breastplate was put on my shoulders, and the upper folds of the India-rubber collar were drawn through it, and screwed up with small screws to make a water-tight joint. The helmet, witch the glass bull's-eye glass in front unscrewed, was then put upon the breastplate, given an eighth of a turn, and secured.


Just a word here about the helmet the divers wear. It is made of copper as you know, and has three glass lights in it, two at the sides, and the big one in front. Just at the back, over the right ear, there is a valve through which the air entered from a wide india-rubber pipe, and by the side of this valve is another, which will not admitted water, but will allow the carbonic acid gas, which the lungs give out in return for the nitrogen and oxygen you breathe, to escape. There is a third valve which has a tap to it, just beneath the front bull's-eye, and this allows you to let some of the fresh air escape, if they are pumping you too much from above. You have also in the latest helmets which Messrs. Siebe and Gorman make, a speaking-tube which allows you to talk freely with those above.

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