Beechworth Gaol

Operated as a gaol from 1860s to about 1920, and then various related purposes until 2004. There's more history on the Wikipedia page and there's a website for the redevelopment project.

I've had to split this over multiple posts, but there's a link at the end of each post that goes to the next one so just continue on.

Right wing.
Left wing and outside.
On the way out.

Somewhere between its closure and now, the site was open for self-guided tours, which is what these photos are from. While I have a lot of photos, I don't many words to go with them. So we'll see how it goes.

The main building is a Y-shape. You can see it in the main photon the About page. The cell-blocks form the arms of the Y and this building straight ahead is the leg.

Entrance into gift shop/ticket counter.

Leaving the gift shop, there's this room and then a hall and corridor that the camera found too dark and I can't remember what they were for, so we'll skip them and head outside to the exercise yard.

The bright yellow line is the guide line for the tour. So that's where it starts.

The door back inside is to the right there (white with blue surround). It goes into the main (Y-shaped) building.

Heading inside.

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