Henry Thom Sing

Tasmanian, 26 July 1879

Pioneers of the Tasmanian North East
Henry Thom Sing, Chinese entrepreneur, and the Arthur River gold rush 1872

Chinese Gold Diggers.— A party of six Chinamen with well stocked baskets borne on their shoulders from bamboo yokes, and with tools and other appliances, left the hospitable stores of Messrs. Peters Barnard and Go. early on Thursday morning to proceed on board the steamer Annie, en route for the Brandy Creek diggings, on the West Tamar. Ah You, a Chinese fisherman, arrived from Melbourne last week with this party and he proceeded to Ilfracombe, with the intention of establishing a fishing station and fish-curing depot in that locality. Mr Tom Sing, a very intelligent Chinaman, and a good interpreter, having visited Melbourne on a matrimonial speculation returned here last week with Mrs. Ah Sing, and he is making arrangements for large parties of his countrymen coming over to our diggings from several of the Victorian gold-fields.
The Tasmanian, 29 June 1872

Certificate of Naturalization, 1882
(Says he arrived on Tamar, 1868. If there was a Tamar taking passengers in 1868, it’s left no record.)

Marraige, 1884

Daily Telegraph, 24 May 1912

Mr Henry Thom Sing, who carried on business as a Chinese merchant in St. John-street, died yesterday at the age of 67 years. Deceased was one of the first Chinese to settle in Launceston, having arrived here from his native country 48 years ago. Amongst his countrymen, especially, deceased was highly respected. For many years he filled the position of interpreter to the Government.
Daily Telegraph, 24 May 1912

The late Mr Henry Thom Sing was one of best known amongst the Chinese residents in the State. For many years he carried on the business of a merchant in Launceston, and was a familiar figure in the city. The removal of the remains of deceased from his late residence in St John-street was witnessed by a large crowd of persons yesterday afternoon. The funeral was lengthy, and amongst others who joined in the mournful procession were quote[?] a hundred Chinese, several having journeyed from the North-Eastern mining fields and various parts of the State to pay their last tribute of respect to one who had acted as their advisor and friend. Deceased was buried in the Carr Villa Cemetery.
Daily Telegraph, 27 May 1912

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    Henry Thom Sing was married twice – first marriage to Mary – Mary died in 1882 – Henry & Mary had five children – 4 survived .Second marriage to Bridget in 1884 – 4 children.


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