Ahong, Launceston (1)

Tried Port Louis, Mauritius, 22 July 1844 for “Robbery”
Age: 26 years
Trade: Laborer
Native Place: Macao
(Macau is in south-east China, across the river from Hong Kong. (Google Maps). At the time it was a Portuguese colony/territory)

Conduct Record

Arrived: Launceston 4 October 1844 on Timbo

Launceston Examiner, 9 October 1844

30 October 1849 obtained Ticket of leave

11 January 1851 Given permission to marry Hannah Howard (per Asia)
6 February 1851, Married Hannah Howard, St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Launceston

Conditional Pardon: Recommended for 3 February 1852. Approved 31 May 1853

(I am not sure if this is the same person as the watchmaker Ahong. If it is, what happened to Hannah, and he’s engaged in electoral activities while holding a TOL and a Conditional Pardon, which I’m sure he’d be able to do ???).

Hannah Hong is a witness for the marriage of Ayee Low and Matilda Mace.

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