Chinese to Tasmania, pre-1870

The 1870s saw an influx of Chinese migrants to Tasmania to mine for gold and later tin. Prior to this there were a number of Chinese already living on the island. So I started making a list of them. The list is here.

So that’s what this series of posts is, a documentation of any information I’ve come across. (Not an attempt to tell the complete story of any individual or family, but if you have anything to add or a link to more information, it’ll be welcome. And images, I need some images.)

With variations in spelling and deliberate names changes, it can be hard to track people especially if they move about, so there might be some duplication or things missed, and the sources themselves are often wrong. So any extra information, corrections etc. are good.

There are also the shipping records. People arrive who don’t seem to appear again. People depart who don’t seem to have arrived. Some are just passing through. So far, I’ve only included arrivals and departures when they connect to names found elsewhere but I’m sure there are some in there who stayed but I have yet to find another trace of.

But most importantly, this is an ongoing list. I keep finding more names so entries are still being added.

Name list.
All the posts.

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