Atik Wong

Tried Hong Kong
“I broke into a brick house and took clothes from Captain Pedder the Harbour Master with 4 others”
Native place: China
Labourer, aged 30

Conduct Record

One celestial Robbing Another.
Wong Atick, notwithstanding a very voluble defence he made, was convicted of stealing a gold finger ring, the property of John Ahong, watchmaker, of Elizabeth street. Other articles had been stolen as well but that was the only one Mr Ahong could identify. The prisoner had been apprehended by Detective Constable Seabridge with the ring and other articles in his possession, and amongst them a key which opened all Mr. Ahong’s doors. Wong Atick had formerly been residing with Mr Ahong, but had been expelled. The bench sentenced him to six months imprisonment with hard labor.

Cornwall Chronicle, 22 October 1859

Wong Athek, a Chinese, was charged by Detective Seabridge with stealing during the present month one gold ring and a quantity of rice, the property of John A’Hong, of Launceston. A’Hong deposed that about three weeks since the ring now produced was stolen from his window. The prisoner was in the habit of coming into witness’s shop, and he was there on the day the ring was missing. Yesterday witness missed a quantity of rice from his shop.

Detective Seabridge deposed that on taking the prisoner into custody he found the articles claimed by A’Hong in the prisoner’s possession, and also a key which unlocked some of the doors in prosecutor’s house. The prisoner said that he bought the articles from A’Hong. A’Hong positively denied that the prisoner bought the ring from him; it was a smaller one. The Bench sentenced the prisoner to six months imprisonment with hard labor.
Launceston Examiner, 22 October 1859

Wong Atik, t.l,, a Chinese, appeared and stated shat he was unable to maintain himself, and requested to be sent into the service of the Crown.
Launceston Examiner, 22 May 1850

Conditional pardon 13 October 1863

Died 13 August 1865

Died 13 August 1865; General Hospital, Hobart; Occupation: Cook; Cause of death: Serous Apoplexy (TAHO RGD35/1/7, image114)

Royal Hobart Hospital: Return of Deaths

Requisitions for coffins for paupers

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