Interlude: Berwick-upon-Tweed

I spent the day walking along ramparts and looking at walls. I want to share some photos on that but it requires some thinking first, so in the meantime, here’s some photos of Berwick.

Berwick-upon-Tweed is in Northumberland, on the Tweed River. The river forms part of border between Scotland and England, and Berwick is on the Scottish side of the river but in England.

It’s a town of winding streets

and interesting shops.

It has a lot of antique shops, of the curious and collectables sort. I checked out two, but I can’t really buy heavy or fragile things.

Berwick has an interesting, and there are a lot of the remnants of the history around the town, including the gates.

The train station. By train, it’s just under an hour from Edinburgh

via the viaduct. (Add this to the list of things that are more awesome in real life than any photo can show.)

Berwick Barracks, built in the early 18th century and now managed by English Heritage (they’re the organisation that manages all the historic site museums). In there is a museum of barrack’s life and a museum of life in Berwick (and then guide walked off leaving me to wonder which around that was, and how much Berwick sounds like barrack).

The barracks museum (actually about the British infantry, 16-19th century) was really not very interesting. It was mostly large wall panels full of text. The Berwick’s museum was better. It included walking through a dragon to look at medieval artefacts in a glowing floor. (That’s not as interesting as it sounds.) (Really.)

Holy Trinity Church is a Cromwellian church built from stones of the former castle. It’s far less interesting inside.

On Saturday morning, I found a little street market. Little, there were only a handful of stalls including a cheese seller and a fruit and vege seller. It’s apple season! Two apple seasons this year!

The Town Hall.

That’s not a bad place to say. A little quirky, but comfortable and well located, and friendly staff.

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