Edinburgh: Passing through

I had some time in Edinburgh between trains, so I went up to look along the Royal Mile.

The Royal Mile is the street leading up to Edinburgh Castle, where all the interesting touristy things are. Also, where all the tourists are. So many people.

It was alternating between blue skies and rain showers, and whenever it rained, most of the people ran inside. so I could take photos with less people in them.

All the people lined up in the rain to go into the castle.

It was interesting enough but between the people and the rain not particularly engaging

and the shops were all selling tweed wool & whisky & cheap souvenirs. But at the end I found a Makers’ Market, with more interesting things for sale.

I also went into St Giles Cathedral, because everyone else was.

It has very lovely stained glass windows but, well, not as interesting as Kirkwall’s cathedral and significantly less dead earls buried in the walls, which you have to admit is something of an oversight.

It does get a bonus point for Most Interesting Ceiling, in the Thistle Chapel.

Now the next street down had less people and more interesting shops! Also, less rain.

A random building opposite the entrance to the train station.