Weldborough Joss House

Main post This one being the best known and most frequently mentioned, I'm just including material relating to its opening, closure and useful descriptions. The first mention of a joss house at Weldborough or Thomas Plains predates the opening of the building by almost a year: From "The … Continue reading

Garibaldi Joss House

Main post I've found very little about Garibaldi's temple. I've included everything below, with a break in the middle to consider the photo. Due to a lack of information, it's hard to pin down the dates of use, but, based on available information, c.1890 to 1920s seems likely A large Chinese … Continue reading

Wham/James Sing

[Obviously there is more that can be added about this family, but this is enough for the purposes of this blog.] The first Europeans to commercially fish for abalone in Tasmania were a group of Irish shark fishermen at Southport. When the Jesuit priest Father Julian Tennison-Woods visited … Continue reading