Achock, Servant at Curramore

Witness in a burglary trial, 10 September 1832


QVMAG MS 154/7 & Libraries Tasmania LC347-2-39

The information of Achock a chinese being sworn according to the custom of his country deposeth and saith I am servant to Mr Peter Lette and reside at his house at Curramore in the District of Morven on the 11th of August last John Hardy who occupies with his wife one end of the house in which [?] left me in charge of his rooms while he went into Launceston.
[testimony continues]

On Thursday Thomas Wilks was convicted of cattle stealing, Thomas Brockley, of burglary in the house of Mr. Lette, William Par-kins, of stealing a watch, and John Williams, of larceny.
Hobart Town Courier, 18 January 1833

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