The island at the back is Bressay.

You get there on the ferry. It leaves about every hour and the trip takes less than half that time.

It’s not very far from Lerwick, as you can see.

There’s a Heritage Centre, which is similar to most little local history museums

although they don’t generally have a recreated 1960s room (that’s a ben-end)

or a Bronze Age burnt mound. (I have more information on that, including the various bits are if anyone is interested.)

That’s the caravan park and marina. It says so on the sign.

The marina, with Lerwick behind.

There’s a little church.

It is very windy. So very windy.

The little church has a little graveyard.

A local shop.

I found a (the?) cafe and op shop in former school.

Lunch: toastie and salad. It’s not a combination I’ve had before but it works.

The cafe is the white building at front. The shop is a the back on the left. The little church is on the right.

On the left at the back is a two-storey building. The ferry terminal is just past that. It looks a long way but it’s only 15 minutes walk.

Ferry back to Lerwick.

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