A list of 19th century Australian women novelists. Notes below.

Caroline Atkinson

Barbara Baynton

Kathleen Caffyn

Ada Cambridge

Jessie Catherine Couvreur

Céleste de Chabrillan

Matilda Jane Evans

Mary Fortune
(Interesting bio)

Mary Gaunt

Mary Grimstone

Caroline Leakey

*Jessie Georgina Lloyd

*Lauretta Luffman

Catherine Martin

*Eliza O’Flaherty

Ethel Pedley

Rosa Praed

Catherine Helen Spence

Mary Theresa Vidal


My criteria for inclusion was born before 1870 or died before 1899, and published before 1899 so I’ve missed some of the better known ones, and Australian can be based on birth or residence.

I did skip some women who wrote some fiction but aren’t really known as novelists (like Louisa Meredith, who is better known for her artwork and I couldn’t her fiction online). For some of those I did include, I was unable to find online copies of their novels/or their best known work, or the copy was a poor quality. These are marked with a *

I would like to add a link to a list of works where possible, when I have more time.

Suggestions for additions (allowing for the above) and better links are welcome.

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