Female Factory, Cascades

BURIALS & BAPTISMS A list of baptisms for factory infants up till February 1830 & a list of burials for infants up to February 1832.

NOTE Both lists are taken from the Birth, Death & Marriage registers and are by no means comprehensive. Not all church records from that period are included in the registers and the record needs to contain something that identifies the child as being at the factory. For burials, this is usually "Factory" listed as the place of death, for baptisms, the occupation or status of the mother (and they usually occur in bulk). Also note, father's name is almost always (I've seen maybe one or two exceptions) listed as unknown.

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MORE INFORMATION More information is available at the following sites:

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Female Convict Factories in Tasmania , from Jenny Fawcett's Genseek Genealogy

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Launceston College. There's a well remaining, part of the sandstone wall and the bricks have been incorporated into various parts of the newer buildings. (I went to school here in the 1980s -- matric was the last two years of high school -- and the well was known to be left over "from the prison that used to be on the site" and that was it.)

In Hobart, there was a temporary one associated with the city goal ( cnr Murray & Macquarie Sts , long ago demolished and built over) and the big site at Cascades, of which just a yard remains, with an adjoining memorial garden. I have some photos of these on my badly out of date web site .

In Ross, it is now a sheep paddock. Which means that, unlike the city sites, it was not built over. The significance of that from an archaeological point of view is hopefully obvious.


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Monissa Whiteley Monissa Whitley Monissa Whitely