Writing page

I have taken down the pages of links to other sites because I am going to redo them, and checking them for dead links first was taking longer than redoing them from scratch.

  • Spelling variants
    A list of spelling variations. Mainly US vs British/Commonwealth.

  • Excel as a writing aid
    I like MS Excel. I use it for recording almost everything. I've put together some examples of how I use it when writing especially for organising notes for each workin progress. Coming soon -- an outlining tool!

  • Random name generators!
    Mine -- that they seem to work surprises me :)

  • Weird sites
    Not really writing related, although they can be good for, um, ideas. Weird websites & websites about weird things.


Obviously I am intending to add Lots of Great Content and Really Useful Stuff to this site. One day. Well, all right, I'll add something, eventually. Close enough?