Australian Wooden Boat Festival

These photos are from 2005.
I also have some (scanned in) photos for 2003 and better photos from 2007 .
And detailed photos of the tall ships taking part in 2005 & 2007.

The Wooden Boat Festival is held every two years, in February.

In 2005, there were 450 boats

in all sizes.

One attraction this year were the viking boats. A replica of a 12th century farm boat discovered near Roskilde

and a 10 metre replica of a Gokstadboat from a burial site.

The One And All , a brigantine from South Australia. Built from various Australian timbers including jarrah, huon pine, ironbark and celery top

Looking towards

the James Craig , a restored iron barque, built 1874, abandoned in the 1932, refloated in 1972 and recommisioned in 2001.

A gathering of steam powered boats

One of the steam boats.

More boats. Many of the older ones are constructed from Huon pine. The second one from the bottom was, unless I've cropped the photo too tight, built from NZ kauri pine

A cute little sailing boat out on the water.

There's the same little sail boat in the bottom right corner. Behind is the May Queen , a restored ketch built in 1864. Australia's oldest sail trading vessel still afloat and one of only a handful still afloat in the world. She's built from blue gum, stringy bark and celery top pine.

There's not just people and watercraft at the festival. A number of boats had small dogs on board. There are two here.

One of the exhibitors, with pine boats and timber souvenirs for sale.

King Billy pine, in this case.

All the fun of playing with boats, without getting seasick. From the model boat display.

The Windeward Bound , a brigantine modelled on a 19th century Boston schooner and built from recycled timbers.

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