Queens Domain, Hobart

The Queens' Domain is a long hill between the city and the river.
It is the location of a range of sporting venues (cricket, swimming, tennis,
athletics), Government House and the Botanical Gardens, as well
as the features below.

Large parts of the Domain are covered by native bush and grassland; in other areas exotic trees have been planted...

...and gardens established. Government House in this case.

Looking across the front of Government House to the Tasman Bridge and eastern shore.

The old Beaumaris Zoo site is best known as the home of the last Tasmanian Tiger, who died in 1936, The zoo closed the following year. Plans are under way to resue the site, and so it has a new, if rather sad, gate.

Blue Tongue Lizard waiting to fool unsuspecting walkers into thinking it's a snake when it runs off.

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