Young Town Inn


1859 Edward Davies, Young Town Inn, Young Town
1860 William Lloyd Jones, Young Town Inn, Young Town transfer
1862 John Drake, Young Town Inn, Young Town transfer
1863-1867 John Baker, Young Town Inn, Young Town transfer
1868 Joseph Stanley, Young Town Inn, Young Town
1869 Isaac Coote, Young Town Inn, Young Town
1870-77 John Baker, Young Town Inn, Young Town

Photo at Libraries Tasmania “Young Town Inn – Hobart Road”

At the top of Young Town hill still stands the Young Town Inn, which was licensed to John Baker in 1874, and seems to have enjoyed an unsavoury reputation. Baker was keeper at the Sandhi11 toll-gate for a time.
“Highway in Van Diemen’s Land,” George Hawley Stancombe, 1968, p.219

Edward Davies, Young Town Inn, Young Town.
This license was granted on the ground that it was erected at the turn off on the direct road to the White Hills, and would do away with the necessity for travellers to and from the White Hills going about three quarters of a mile out of their way to Franklin Village to obtain refreshment.
Cornwall Chronicle, 3 December 1859

WL. JONES having obtained the transfer of the licence of the Young Town Inn, begs to remind his customers and friends that they will receive every accommodation with civility, that can be rendered.
August 11
Cornwall Chronicle, 15 September 1860.

Sports. Sports. Sports
At Young Town Inn.
QUOITS, skittles, jumping in sacks, climbing the pole, foot race for a watch, a pig. and other sports of every description on BOXING SAY, at Young
Town Inn.
Cornwall Chronicle, 22 December 1860

Undersigned begs to inform the public, that he has good stabling, and that every accommodation to parties by their own conveyance will be found at the above Inn.
Every morning coffee is ready at five o’clock and all parties stopping at the above Inn will have the advantage of one hour more rest, and a certainty of being called
W. L. Jones.
Cornwall Chronicle, 5 October 1861

Launceston Examine, 21 March 1867

RAILWAY WORKS.-A good many persons from town visited the works at Jingler’s Valley on Saturday afternoon. Although comparatively only a few men were at work, the scene was one of pleasing animation. Hut and tent building formed the principal occupation, but a cutting and filling of several feet showed that “the pick and shovel men” had commenced operations. Persons wishing to visit the locality will to glad to learn that the road that turns off at the back of the Young Town Inn leads to the very spot. It is impossible to miss the way, but visitors must a be careful to close the two gates through which to they past.
Launceston Examiner, 25 August 1868

QUARTERLY LICENSING MEETING.— At the quarterly meeting held in the Court House on Monday morning, a license was
granted to Mr Benjamin West for the Scottish Chief Hotel, Wellington street; and the license to the Young Town Inn was transferred from Mr Joseph Stanley to Mr Isaac Coote.

Cornwall Chronicle, 3 February 1869

Launceston Examiner, 28 November 1876

SUDDEN DEATH.—Mr John Baker, a very old resident at Young Town, died rather suddenly on Monday morning. He was nearly 70 years of age, and went from his house about 9 a.m. to the bush, which is close by, to get a barrowload of wood. Mrs Baker shortly afterwards went to meet him, and found him. lying on the ground, face downwards, quite dead. Mr Baker suffered from heart disease, and had been under medical treatment at various times. An inquest was held at the Swan Inn, King’s Meadows, Wednesday morning, before Thos. Mason, Esq., Coroner, when the foregoing facts were elicited in evidence, and a verdict was returned in accordance with the medical testimony.
Weekly Examiner, 28 July 1877

Launceston Examiner, 21 February 1879

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