1850 Launceston & some country

The Annual Licensing Meeting for the district of Launceston, including the subdistricts of George Town, Morven, and Port Sorell, was held at the Court House on Monday last, the 2nd September. The business commenced at 11 o’clock, a.m. when the following Justices were present : —

John Sinclair, James Robertson, John Atkinson, John Cameron, K. J. King, Francis Evans, W. Wheeler, W. G. Sams, and Joceylin Thomas, Esquires, besides Mr. William Gunn the Police Magistrate, and Mr. R. Wales, A. P. M. of Morven, Major Welman, Captains Stewart, Bateman, Neilley, and Lieutenant Friend.

Wm. Gunn, Esq., was voted to the chair, when M. Kennedy read a letter from the Colonial Secretary, the substance of which specified, that the Licenses were restricted to 61 at Launceston, George Town 4, and the other districts unlimited.

The Chairmen briefly addressed the meeting as to the general excellent conduct of the Licensed Victuallers of Launceston. After eulogizing the good order that was observable in their houses, “it was,” (said the worthy magistrate) highly gratifying to him to state that only eight convictions during the last twelve months had taken place amongst the whole body of the publicans in Launceston, which certainly redounded to their credit,” and he (Mr. Gunn) “thought it his duty to apprize his brother magistrates of it.”

The business then commenced by considering applications for a renewal of old licenses, when the following were unanimously granted.

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1840 Launceston

From the Launceston Advertiser, 3 September 1840:


The following applications for licenses, for 1841, were granted:—
Mr. J. M’Allan, Glasgow Tavern
Mr. W. Brean, Cross Keys
Mr. W. Brown, Mermaid, West Tamar;
Mr. Robert Brand, Ship Inn
Mr. E. Bartlett, Victoria Tavern
Mr. Joseph Barrett, King’s Head
John Barrett, Black Horse
E. Brown, Perth
W. Collins, Bulls Head
J. Corbett, Green Gate
C. Coward, ______
T. Dudley, Black Swan
J. Fossey, Hibernia
T. Fall, Portland Inn
T. Faro, Half Moon
W. M. Grayling, Dover Castle
R Heaney, Perth
John Hinshaw, Kangaroo
B. Hyrons, London Tavern
J Ives, George and Dragon
B. Jones, Franklin Village
John M’Kenzie, Scottish Chiefs
W. Kitson, Albion Inn
G. Lukin, Wharf House
A. Martini, Sawyers Arms
P. Monaghan, Britannia
W. Mason. Elephant and Castle
R. Pitt, St. Andrews Inn
G. Radford, Golden Lion
R, Robson, Crown Inn
Samuel Sherlock, George Town
C. Suisted, Steam Packet Tavern
J. G. Thomas, George and Dragon
Joseph Thorn, Coach and Horses
Susan Weavers, Duke of York
A. Wood, George Town
J. Wood, Cornwall Hotel.


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King’s Head — Brisbane Hotel (2)


Brisbane Street/The Avenue, now Old Brisbane Arcade. Google Maps.
First licensed 1835, as the King’s Head (although see below). Substantially remodelled 1888. Interior demolished 1960s and converted into arcade.


1835-43 Joseph Barrett, King’s Head, Brisbane Street
1844-45 Thomas Huxley, King’s Head, Brisbane Street
1851-53 John Dowling, Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane Street
1854 John Harwood, Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane Street.
1855-56 John Harwood, Robin Hood, Brisbane Street
1857 John Dowling?
1858-85 Joseph Whyte Simmons, Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane Street
1886 Edward Henry Panton, Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane Street
1888-98 Auguste Deleuse, Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane Street
1899+ Francois Marius Cognet, Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane Street

So far there is no continuity here from the King’s Head to the Brisbane Hotel, except through local/oral history (some of this is below). On a 1856 map, Barrett owned land in Brisbane St one block from the George Street intersection i.e. the location of the Brisbane Hotel, so it’s quite likely he had his hotel on land he owned. Prior to the King’s Head, Joseph Barrett is licensee for the Mermaid, also in Brisbane St. Was this on the same site?

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Cornwall Hotel (1)


Cameron Street. Google Maps.

Originally constructed 1824 by John Fawkner, who was refused a licence at first (see below).
Licensed 1826.
Current building retains very little of the fabric of the original building.

Companion to Tasmanian History entry

From a lecture by Mr E. Whitfield. 1897:
About 1825 the Cornwall came into existence, and was kept by Mr. J. P. Fawkner, famous as having been one of the founders of Melbourne. He was a most useful man in the community. He was baker, butcher, general storekeeper, and sawyer. He instituted a circulating library, gave lessons in French, was lawyer, and pleaded for people at the Court of Requests; was also editor and proprietor of a paper, the “Launceston Advertiser;” added to this he was market gardener and coach proprietor.
Launceston Examiner, 6 February 1897


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Launceston Hotel

Brisbane St, Launceston. Google Maps.
Original buildings constructed & licensed in the early 1820s.

Photo c.1880, older building prior to redevelopment (image 7, might be a direct link)
Brisbane Street, c. 1880 (Launceston Hotel second from right)
Photo, interior staircase


Earliest mention I have found is an advertisement from August, 1823, with other horse related ads in the following months (see below), and Richard White appears in the list of person licensed to sell Spirits, Wines, and Beer for the same year.

Hobart Town Gazette, 9 August 1823
Hobart Town Gazette, 9 August 1823

Hobart Town Gazette, 1 November 1823
Hobart Town Gazette, 1 November 1823


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1823 Launceston

Hobart Town Gazette, 20 December 1823

THE following List of Persons, who have been licensed by the Bench of Magistrates of the County of Cornwall, to sell Spirits, Wines, and Beer, and Beer only, in that County, is published for general Information : –

Spirits, Wine, and Beer.
Richard White Launceston.
Alexander Waddle, Launceston.
William Field, Launceston.
Nathanial Lucas, Launceston.
Richard Pitt, Launceston.

Thomas Manning, Ditto.

Hobart Town Gazette, 20 December 1823

Richard Pitt has the Man O Ross at Ross in 1824. Nothing to suggest he had anything in Launceston earlier.