Not finding the hotel you want?

There’s 130 completed posts on this blog, which means there are 130 hotels that I’ve tracked.
But there’s another 88 in drafts (started but not finished) and probably half that again that I have yet to do anything on, and realistically, I might not get to them as I’m busy with other projects. New projects are shiny and want attention. But… I still like to work on these when I have a reason. So, if you have an interest in an old hotel (your great-grandmother ran it, you’ve driven past it, you’ve heard the name and wondered where it was), drop me a comment below and come back in a few days weeks. (And yes, I’m do sometimes wander out to the nearby towns, although I can’t guarantee I have current photos for all those.)

2 thoughts on “Not finding the hotel you want?”

  1. Hi l live in England and l am trying to find a hotel that was called TAYLOR HOTEL that was in the Waratah area Tasmania around the 1900s my ancestor was a tin prospector and was called William Cundy . Kind regards Paul Hayes

    • That’s way outside the area I’m working with, but I had a quick look and couldn’t find any mention. There’s a Taylor who had a hotel at Penguin in the 1880s, but that’s not really near Waratah. It might have been a short lived name/premises so I missed it. Where did you come across it?


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