Clarendon Hotel, Evandale

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17 May 2014

1849 Thomas Fall
1850-88 Thomas Fall, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale
1889 Oscar Botcher, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale
1889 William Atkins, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale
1889 Oscar Bottcher, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale
1890-92 Walter Smith, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale
1892-93 Kate Nichols, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale
1893+ Michael John Ryan, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale

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“Early Tasmanian architecture” photo album (1920-1940), p. 33
Photo, doorway & side view c. 1970
Murals: “Bushrangers at Deddington gaol” & “Aboriginal Camp at Kingston near Ben Lomond”
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Fire burns out old barn rear of Clarendon Arms c 1992
Australian Heritage Photo Database entry

National Penny Farthing Championships & Village Far, 20 February 2016

Mr. Thomas Fall’s application, as holder of the original license, The Patriot King William the 4th, for a transfer to the premises lately erected by him at Evandale — the applicant was refused on the ground that the transfer would be injurious to the proprietor Mr. Williat. Mr. Tarleton— “If you reject Fall as an original holder, you must consider him as a new applicant.” Ultimately a new license was granted to Mr. Fall, and Mr. Williat’s application for the transfer of the original license was allowed.
Cornwall Chronicle, 5 September 1849

—This flourishing little township promises to eclipse other proportionate localities in the speculation or enterprise of commerce and trade. Several very substantial edifices have been recently erected, and many of the dilapidated tenements have undergone efficient and extensive repairs. Among the list of modern improvements, the fine and stately building of the Clarendon Hotel, assumes a prominent position. The enterprising proprietor, Mr. Fall, a person whose amiable principles and urbanity of conduct have endeared him to an extensive circle, has spared neither personal attention or his pecuniary outlay, to render his respectable tavern fit for accommodating the most elite or fastidious families.

Hobarton Guardian, 2 January 1850

10 August 2013

Hobart Town Daily Mercury, 18 September 1859

Exhibition of Ballarat Gold. — On Friday last a very beautiful sample of Ballarat gold was exhibited in town by Mr H. L. Nelson of Sydney. The gold weighed 77 oz. 15 dwts., and was comprised of beautiful nuggets ranging from about four oz. down wards. A more beautiful lot of gold we have not seen since the days of the famous Melbourne brokers’ exhibitions, and it created considerable excitement in town, a rumour having got abroad that it came from Fingal. Mr Nelson was besieged by applicants desirous to view the precious stuff, and at length he protested and charged all comers 1s. per head. The money thus collected amounted to 26s., which he kindly left at our disposal, and we had the pleasure of forwarding it to the Secretary of the Benevolent Society on Saturday evening, in Mr Nelson’s name The history of the gold is this : — Mr Nelson being at Evandale, learned that Mr Fall of the Clarendon Hotel possessed a considerable parcel of gold, and he saw that gentleman and succeeded in purchasing it. We understand it has been in Mr Fall’s possession many years, and was principally purchased by him from Victorian miners. The gold was re sold on Saturday by Mr Nelson to Messrs. Joseph Copeland & Co., at £3 1 9s. per oz.
Cornwall Chronicle, 21 May 1870

10 August 2013

Thomas Fall applied for license of the Clarendon Hotel, Evandale. The Superintendent of Police said there were no complaints; there had been an information, but it was dismissed. Mr. Mackinnon said that he had heard complaints in Melbourne even as to travellers not being accommodated according to the capabilities of the house, and that it was a matter of common report in the district. Mr. Davis, who appeared for Mr. Fall, said he trusted the Bench would not be influenced by hearsay evidence. The Chairman said that he himself had spoken on the subject, and cautioned the holder. The license was granted.
Launceston Examiner, 3 December 1883

1 June 2013

Thos. Fall:-One more of our oldest residents gone over to the majority. He arrived in the colony from New South Wales in 1832. Turning to an old file of the Launceston Advertiser, I find he commenced business as a baker in Charles-street, on a site where Messrs; Hunter and Dunning are now erecting a coffee-palace and shops. His neighbours were Alex Stewart, who kept a licensed public-house, and on the other side G. Gooch, chemist. He afterwards moved into St. John-street next door to the Criterion Hotel, where an insurance office now stands. He retired from that to enter into the business of a licensed victualler. The first house was at Franklin Village, and thence he moved to Evandale, taking the house known as the Patriot. King. Afterwards he built that substantial house where he died, the Clarendon Hotel. This house has always been conducted more like a family hostelry than an inn, and it was a favourite resort of bridal parties. In building up a well-earned competency Mr. Fall was materially assisted by his able partner, and in commemoration of her memory (she belonging to the Jewish faith), Mr. Fall some time ago renovated the Synagogue in St. John-street. He was in his time a large employer of labour, and was a just paymaster.
The Tasmanian, 15 September 1888

Launceston Examiner, 9 October 1888

Launceston Examiner, 17 September 1889

Messrs. C. L. and J. Rowsthorn have finished the painting of the Clarendon Hotel, and the new tenant has taken possession.
The Colonist, 21 September 1889

Launceston Examiner, 25 October 1889

The Licensing Bench sat on the morning of the 4th. Present: The Chairman (Mr. J. L. Smith) and Messrs. D. McKinnon and A. Youl. Oscar Blonsder applied for a transfer of the licence of the Clarendon Hotel from W. Atkins to himself. The usual questions being put, and the applicant appearing to be a suitable person to hold a licensed house, the transfer was granted.
The Mercury, 8 November 1889

5 August 2011

Launceston Examiner, 5 August 1890

Launceston Examiner, 5 April 1892

Mr Walter Smith, landlord of the Clarendon Hotel, has removed to the Blenheim, Longford, and Mrs Nichols, late. landlady of the last-named hotel, has come among us, and intends to maintain the prestige of the Clarendon Hotel, Evandale.

Launceston Examiner, 3 March 1892

Launceston Examiner, 7 February 1893

Launceston Examiner, 30 March 1893

Launceston Examiner, 20 April 1893

The Clarendon Hotel is now let to Mr Ryan, of Westbury, after having been closed for some weeks.
Daily Telegraph, 22 April 1893

October 2011

Mr WALTER SMITH, for some time host of the Cornwall Hotel, and afterwards of the Newstead Inn, Clarendon Hotel (Evandale), and the Blenheim Hotel at Longford, died yesterday after a somewhat brief illness. Mr Smith, at the time of his death, was landlord of the well-known Blenheim Hotel, Longford. He was comparatively speaking a new arrival in Tasmania.
Launceston Examiner, 30 September 1893

Launceston Examiner< 31 October 1895

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