King’s Arms

Charles Street
cnr Wellington & Elizabeth Streets

Formerly Black Bull, Charles & Brisbane Streets?
1830 Henry Hinksman, King’s Arms, Charles Street
1831 Elizabeth Hinksman, King’s Arms, Charles Street
1832 George Dodery, King’s Arms, Charles Street
1833 Benjamin Walford, King’s Arms, Launceston
1834 John Ashton, King’s Arms, Charles Street
1834 John Ashton, King’s Arms, Wellington & Elizabeth Streets
1835 Thomas Neal
1836 John Ashton, King’s Arms, Wellington & Elizabeth Streets
1836-38 Henry Chalk, King’s Arms, Wellington Street

Launceston Advertiser, 4 October 1830
Robert Marr had the Black Bull, cnr Brisbane and Charles Streets until 1829.

Burial of Henry Hinksman (RGD 34/1/1 Burials Launceston, 1831)

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Caledonia Hotel/Caledonian Inn/Caledonian Wine Vaults (1)

cnr Charles and York Streets

182627 Robert Towers, Caledonia Hotel, Charles Street
1828-35 Mungo Sommerville, Caledonian, Charles Street
1836-37 George Sinclair Brodie, Caledonia Wine Vaults
1838 George Milne, Caledonian Tavern
1840 James McLeish, Caledonian Wine Vaults, Charles Street

Colonial Times, 1 September 1826
Colonial Times, 1 September 1826

Hobart Town Courier, 19 April 1828
Hobart Town Courier, 19 April 1828

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Black Bull

Charles & Brisbane Street

1826 Robert Marr, Black Bull, Launceston
1827 Robert Marr, Black Bull, Charles Street
Became King’s Arms?

St. Andrew’s Day.-A similar Meeting to that which took place at the British Hotel, was observed by the Sons of Caledonia, at Launceston, at the Inn kept by Mr. Marr, at the sign of the Black, Bull. The Meeting was respectably and well attended. The dinner was excellent; the usual toasts and sentiments were drank ; and the room was decorated with the Thistle, Hose, and Shamrock, gracefully entwined.
Colonial Times, 8 December 1826

William Stopford was found guilty of forging and offering as true, a forged receipt for cattle, with intention to defraud Mr. Marr of the Black Bull.
Hobart Town Courier, 3 November 1827

Hobart Town Courier, 5 July 1828
Hobart Town Courier, 5 July 1828

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Rose & Thistle

Charles St
NE cnr Brisbane & George Streets

1824-26 Mr Alex Stewart, Rose and Thistle
1827-31 Alexander Stewart, Rose and Thistle, Charles Street
1834 Alexander Stewart, Rose and Thistle
1835 Andrew Dinell, Rose and Thistle
1836 John Moore
1836-37 George Fenton, Brisbane & George St

George St, with Brisbane St corner, 2016.

The Brisbane and George St location was later the Horse and Groom, then Verandah Wine Vaults for a short time, then Union Inn

On Wednesday last our worthy Magistrates, Messrs. Kenworthy, Gordon, and Simpson, went round to inspect the various public houses, and also those houses for which applications had been made to be allowed to retail spirituous liquors. At Alexander Stewart’s they found only one bed, that in which he and his wife sleep, the house is an old one, with two small front rooms, and one back room, there was not one single chair, and scarcely a table in this house, yet it was relicensed but he bows very obsequiously.
Launceston Advertiser, 28 September 1829

LA 24 November 1836
Launceston Advertiser, 24 November 1836

LA 2 November 1837
Launceston Advertiser, 2 November 1837

Caledonian Inn/Wine Vaults (2)

Corner of Charles and York Street

1841 James Ferguson, newly constructed building
1842-43 James Ferguson, Caledonian Wine Vaults, Charles & York Sts
1843-45 James Johnstone, Caledonian Wine Vaults Charles and York Sts
1845-50 Matthew Monaghan, Caledonian Wine Vaults Charles and York Sts
1851 transferred license to George Smith, corner of George & York Sts

Prior to 1841, there was an existing establishment known as the Caledonian Wine Vaults on the corner of Charles and York Streets. There’s not information to indicate if Ferguson constructed a new building that replaced the older one, or having obtained a licence for a new building, transferred to the existing premises.

The corner of Charles & York Streets adjoining the Plough Inn would be this corner.

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