1850 Launceston & some country

The Annual Licensing Meeting for the district of Launceston, including the subdistricts of George Town, Morven, and Port Sorell, was held at the Court House on Monday last, the 2nd September. The business commenced at 11 o’clock, a.m. when the following Justices were present : —

John Sinclair, James Robertson, John Atkinson, John Cameron, K. J. King, Francis Evans, W. Wheeler, W. G. Sams, and Joceylin Thomas, Esquires, besides Mr. William Gunn the Police Magistrate, and Mr. R. Wales, A. P. M. of Morven, Major Welman, Captains Stewart, Bateman, Neilley, and Lieutenant Friend.

Wm. Gunn, Esq., was voted to the chair, when M. Kennedy read a letter from the Colonial Secretary, the substance of which specified, that the Licenses were restricted to 61 at Launceston, George Town 4, and the other districts unlimited.

The Chairmen briefly addressed the meeting as to the general excellent conduct of the Licensed Victuallers of Launceston. After eulogizing the good order that was observable in their houses, “it was,” (said the worthy magistrate) highly gratifying to him to state that only eight convictions during the last twelve months had taken place amongst the whole body of the publicans in Launceston, which certainly redounded to their credit,” and he (Mr. Gunn) “thought it his duty to apprize his brother magistrates of it.”

The business then commenced by considering applications for a renewal of old licenses, when the following were unanimously granted.

Renewals granted of original Licences.
John Barrett, Black Horse, Elizabeth and Wellington streets.
Robert Brand, Ship Inn, St. John street.
William Brigg, Dolphin Inn, Wellington and Patterson streets.
William Bryant, Market Tavern, St.John and Cimitiere streets.
William Hull, Tam O’Shanter, Canning street.
George Burgess, Tasmanian Inn, Patterson street.
William Carpenter, Elephant and Castle, Wellington street.
Richard Chugg, Sir William Wallace, Franklin Village.
Peter Clyne, Cornwall Hotel, Cameron street.
William Dent, Carpenters Arms, Charles street.
John Dowling, Jolly Butchers, Charles and York streets.
William Duncan, Bull’s Head, Charles street.
William Duncan, jun., Jolly Anglers, Wellington and Bathurst streets.
John Dyer, Travellers Rest, Muddy Plains.
James East, Scottish Chief, Wellington street.
Thomas Fall, Clarendon Hotel, Evandale.
Samuel Feutrill, Wheelright’s Arms, George and Brisbane streets.
Thomas Fuller, The Saint George, Elizabeth and Wellington streets.
Henry Godfrey, Horse and Jockey, York street.
John Green, Hibernia, Brisbane and Bathurst streets.
William Guest, East Bank Tamar Inn, East Tamar.
William Hedger, White Horse, Patterson street.
Thomas Hill, Enfield Hotel, Brisbane street.
Hannah Hinshaw, Prince of Wales, Wellington and York streets.
James Johnstone, Saint John’s Tavern, Elizabeth street.
John King, Prince of Wales, Evandale
Elizabeth Kitson, Launceston Hotel, Brisbane street.
Stephen Knapper, Steam Packet Tavern and Family Hotel, Wharf.
Thomas Lawson, Plough Inn, Charles street.
John Mackenzie, Mason’s Arms, Sand Hill.
Matthew Monaghan, Caledonia Wine Vaults, Charles and York streets.
Patrick Monaghan, Britannia, Wellington st.
Joseph Moore, Rose and Crown Inn, Franklin Village.
John Morrison, Royal Oak, Evandale.
Thomas Neville, White Hart, Wellington st.
Ann O’Halloran, Crown Inn, Bathurst and Wellington streets.
George Pilbeam, Albion lnn, Cocked Hat Hill.
Josiah Pitcher, Rising Sun, Prospect Village.
Nathaniel Poole, Hadspen Inn, Hadspen.
Mary Radford, Golden Lion, William street.
William Henry Rosevear, Rose Inn, West Tamar.
Richard Scott, Glasgow Wine Vaults, George street.
John Selby, Cart and Plough Inn, Wellington road.
William Smart, Lamb and Flag Inn, Bathurst and York streets.
William Spearman, Union Inn, George street.
Henry Sullivan, Robert Burns, Charles street.
John Sullivan, Wilmot Arms, Brisbane and Charles streets.
Mary Sweeney, Star Inn, Charles street.
Robert Taylor, Bush Inn, Gravelly Beach.
John Waldron, Albion Hotel, George and York streets.
Benjamin Walford, London Hotel, Cameron and John streets.
Ann Walsh, Prince Albert, Charles and Elizabeth streets.
Samuel Warnes, Commercial Hotel, George and Cimitiere streets.
Richard Waycott, Sir George Arthur, Sand Hill.
Donald Westcombe, Ferry House, Tamar st.
George Williams, Port Sorell Inn, Port Sorell.
John Williatt, Patriot King William 4th, Evandale.
Augustus Wood, Macquarie Hotel, George Town.

Applicants holding Licences by transfer.
Robert Blake, York Wine Vaults, York street.
Thomas Brookery, Coach and Horses, Charles and Patterson streets.
William Clarke, Exchange Wine Vaults, Patterson and Charles streets.
Isaac Coote, Angel Inn, Charles street.
Louisa Gee, Tasmanian Australian Hotel, Wellington street.
Edward Humphries, Wharf House, Wharf.
William Martin, Edinboro’ Castle, Bathurst st.
Henry Mills, Cross Keys, York street
George Summers, Bird in Hand, Elizabeth st.
John Williams, Duke of York, Wellington st.
James Wilson, British Hotel, George Town.
James Edwards, East Tamar Inn, Tamar.

Prior to taking into consideration the fresh application the case of William Cook, of the “Victoria Tavern,” York and George-streets, was discussed, whose application for a renewal of his license had been negatived by a majority of six ; five having voted for, and eleven against.
[cut, included under Victoria Tavern]

On the application for a renewal of Matthew Monaghan’s licence, Mrs. Monaghan applied on account of her husband being at California the act was referred to, when Mr. Douglas pointed out that the act provides for the allowed absence of a licensed victualler: he maintained that Monaghan’s absence was allowed, he had merely gone on a speculative voyage to California, in common with others; he would soon return, and (humourously added the learned gentleman) he hoped with lots of metal, &c. ; the meeting wishing to put a charitable construction on the act, granted applicant a renewal of the licence.

Fresh Applicants.
Amongst the fresh applicants were Thomas Jones and Henry Wilson, both applying for a licence to an old licensed house, “the Waterloo Hotel,” George Town, occupied by Robert McLoughlin. Mr. Fawnes here stated that McLouglin had gone to California, the house wanted repairing, which he would do, provided he could get possession and get Mrs. McLoughlin out. Mr. Rocher appeared on behalf of James Wilson, and opposed the application of Jones, on the ground that applicant a few months back was the occupant of “the British Hotel,” which was transferred to his client, Jones receiving from him the sum of one hundred and ninety pounds ; he stating to Wilson that he was going to leave the colony; now on the face of this, he is applying for a licence of a house situate close to Wilson, namely “the Waterloo Hotel,”—- and to the manifest injury of his client.

Here Mr. Douglas, who was retained by Jones said, —”That Mr. Rocher was not in possession of the facts, which were simply these-—the house had been let to Mr. Larkin, who let it to Wilson. Mr. Jones thought by leaving, it would have been beneficial to his wife’s health. Mr. Douglas spoke as to the many transfers of a similar nature which had been effected, and contended from the respectability of Mr. Jones, they surely would not negative his application ; in fact Jones had never entered into any arrangement with Wilson. Mr. Rocher in reply, spoke as to the delapidated state of the premises, and reminded the meeting that their invariable rule had been not to grant licenses to ineligible houses. Mr. Fawnes in reply to a query said, “as Soon as be could get possession he would repair the house.” The meeting here put to the vote, when Jones was elected a fitting applicant by majority.

Mr. Gunn stated that there were now four fresh applicants Coward, Button, Little and Lilley; two for Launceston and two for the road ; he should wish to have the sense of the meeting as to which should be disposed of first the town or road ; the meeting after a short deliberation considered that it could not be decided until the adjourned meeting, by which time Cook’s appeal would be settled ; with reference to applicant Edwards for a licence to the “East Tamar Inn ;” he Mr Gunn believed there was a house wanted there ; Captain Neilly objected to the applicant as an unfit person for a publican ; “he knew him to be a stead-shoemaker and a very honest man, but he was not qualified to conduct a public house ;” (roars of laughter) which was increased by a gentleman of the learned profession, observing with a smiling countenance “oh I suppose you consider him too honest for that”-—(laughter)—Captain Neilly in reply to an observation that the “East Tamar” had been an old licensed house ; observed that it had been badly conducted, in fact a robbery had been effected on his premises last Christmas which robbery he felt certain was concocted there, besides Edwards did not intend to reside there under all circumstances he should oppose Edwards— ultimately on its being put to the vote–—Edward’s licence was granted.

Some discussion took place between the police magistrate and Lieut. Friend, as to what district a house at Mount Direction, for which Coward was applying, was situate in Launceston or George Town-—ultimately, it was proved that it was in the district of Launceston. On its being put to the vote, Coward’s application was entertained.

Two or three of the publicans were admonished, and advised as to future conduct. Adjourned until the 7th of the present month.

The usual recognizances were then entered into. The kindly feeling of the police magistrate, and also that of the gentlemen composing the meeting, towards the licensed victuallers of Launceston, has been highly gratifying to that body.
Cornwall Chronicle, 4 September 1850

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