1860 Launceston & some country

The annual meeting of Justices for the purpose of hearing applications for public house and packet licenses for the Launceston district was held in the Court House on Saturday, the following Magistrates being present—J. Whitefoord, Esq. (Chairman), His Worship the Mayor, the Police Magistrate, Major Welman, Captain Reid, Lieut. Westenhall, James Robertson, James Aikenhead, Archibald Thomson, William Barnes, E. Whiting, John Fawns, J. G. Jennings, W. G. Sams, and John Thompson, Esquires.

Wm. Atkinson, Queen’s Head Inn, Wellington-street. Granted.
George Burgess, Tasmanian Inn, Paterson-street. Granted.
John Blades, Wilmot Arms, Brisbane and Wellington streets.
The Police Magistrate said that there was no objection to the applicant but the house was of the old class. The applicant promised to repair his premises. Granted.
Abel Blades, Lamb and Flag, Wellington and York streets.
The Police Magistrate said that the house was not in a good state and there had been several complaints and one conviction for Sunday trading. Granted.
William Bull, Tam O’Shanter, Canning. street. Granted.
Thomas Bruff, Commercial Hotel, George and Cimitiere streets. Granted.
William Bryant, Market Tavern, St. John and William streets.
The Police Magistrate said that this was a very old house. License granted on condition of his obtaining more suitable premises before next licensing meeting.
John Bowater, Golden Lion, William. street. Granted.
Mary Butterworth, Court House Hotel (late Dolphin Inn), Patterson and Wellington streets. Granted.
Robert Blake, York Hotel, York-street. Granted.
Henry Clayfield, Bath Arms, New Town.
The Police Magistrate said that there was not the requisite amount of accommodation; the house was small but was kept very clean. Granted.
John Carter, Duke of Wellington, Wellington Road. Granted.
John Cole, All the Year Round, Wellington Road. Granted.
Andrew Clephane, Robert Burns, Charles and Balfour-streets.
It was stated that there had been several a reports of Sunday trading, but the house was so surrounded by back premises, with so many ways of egress and ingress, that the police had not been able to make out detections. The Mayor would submit whether li censes should be renewed when the holder I of them did not remedy the irregularities pointed out by the visiting magistrates, who inspected the houses some weeks be fore the licensing day, which therefore gave the occupants plenty of time to do what was considered necessary. At present great disrespect was shown to the visiting magistrates, by very little attention being paid to what they said. The license was granted on applicant doing what was considered necessary by the Superintendent of Police, in order to isolate the house from other premises.
William Cook, Jolly Butchers, Balfour street.
It was stated that this house was badly conducted, a great deal of Sunday trading being carried on, and it was in a bad state ; and the access was very easy in all directions, so much so that it was almost impossible for the police to detect; but applicant had repaired a back fence, by which access was formerly obtained. License granted, with a warning to conduct his house in a better manner than hitherto, and to provide more suitable accommodation.
Wm. Chester, White Hart Inn, Wellington-street. Application deferred for a week, during which time the promises were to be properly fenced in.
Jane Carr, Horse and Jockey, York street. Granted.
Applicant being recommended not to apply again for a renewal, unless more suitable premises were erected.
Roderick Carey, Mechanics Hotel, Bathurst-street. Granted.
Grace Carpenter, Launceston Hotel, Brisbane-street. Granted.
Elizabeth Clyne, Criterion Hotel, St. John-street. Granted.
William Dormer, Angel Inn, Charles street. Granted.
Timothy Dyan, Steam Packet Hotel Wharf. Granted.
Henry Evans, Coach and Horses, Charles and Patterson-streets. Granted.
Edward Fiddyment, Lord Raglan, Wellington and Bathurst-streets. Granted.
George Glenwright, Prince Albert Inn, Charles and Elizabeth-streets. Granted.
Joseph Greigg, Glasgow Wine Vaults. George-street. Granted.
John Green, Hibernian Inn, Bathurst and Brisbane-streets. Granted.
Thomas Hill, Enfield Hotel, Brisbane street.
The Police Magistrate said that this house was in a state of decay, and falling to pieces, and the floor was giving way; the back premises were also open. Objections had been made to it at former licensing meetings. Applicant said that his lease had only one year and nine months to run; he would make any alterations in his power. The Mayor said that there was no doubt but that Mr. Hill would make all the alterations he could; but it would be of no use; the only thing to be done would be to erect another house. Granted ; but with a warning that unless a new house were built, the license would not be again renewed.
William Job Harris, Royal Oak, Brisbane and Tamar-streets.
Consideration postponed for one week; back promises being open.
John Hudson, Carpenter’s Arms, Charles and Canning-streets.
Back premises not properly isolated. Consideration postponed for one week.
Robert Douglas Harris, Marine Hotel, Wharf. Granted.
Benjamin Hyrons, Three Grand Masters, Quadrant. Granted.
John Hely, Dorset Hotel, Tamar and William-streets. Granted.
William Brine Harris, Prince of Wales, Wellington and York-streets.
Granted; with a notification that unless more suitable premises be built, the license will not be renewed.
William Jones, Cross Keys, York-street. Granted,
Robert Jones, Sydney Hotel, Elizabeth street. Granted.
Frederick Jones, Ferry House, Tamar street.
Granted; but not to be again renewed, unless a more suitable house be built.
Thomas Leary, O’Connell Inn, Wellington and Frankland-streets. Granted.
James Loy, Royal Arch, George Town road. Granted.
James Lilly, Salmon and Ball, Charles and William-streets. Granted.
Mary Ann Lukin, Launceston Club Hotel, Brisbane-street.
The Police Magistrate said that he had no objection either to the house or to the applicant; but he did object to the person who was to be entrusted with the tap. Postponed for a week.
William Mason, Elephant and Castle, Frederick and Wellington streets. Granted.
David M’Questin, London Tavern, St. John and Cameron streets. Granted.
John Mason, Ship Inn, Wharf. Granted.
Henry Davy Parr, Royal Hotel, Wellington-street. Granted.
Elijah Edward Panton, Cornwall Hotel, Cameron street. Granted.
William Henry Rawlings, Australian Wine Vaults, Charles and Patterson streets
There was one conviction recorded against applicant and there were two or three police office cases during the year. Granted, applicant being cautioned as to his future conduct.
William Spearman, Union-street, George street. Granted.
John Sheridan, Star Hotel, Charles street. Granted.
Joseph White Simmons, Brisbane Hotel, Brisbane-street. Granted.
George Smith, Caledonian Wine Vaults, George and York-streets.
Premises not properly enclosed; consideration deferred for one week.
James Spencer, Bird-in-Hand, Elizabeth-street.
Back premises open; consideration postponed.
William Squire Tong, Brickmaker’s Arms, Eardley-street. Granted.
John Burns Thompson, Bull’s Head Inn, Charles and York streets
Granted with a warning that license would not be again renewed for the same house.
William Thompson, Gold Diggers’ Return, Patterson and Charles-streets. Granted.
James Walters, Victoria Hotel, Brisbane and George-streets.
The Police Magistrate said that the premises were kept in a very disgraceful state. Refused.
Lemuel Benjamin Waldron, Albion Inn, George and York-streets. Granted.
Henry Wilton, The Black Horse, Wellington and Elizabeth-streets. Granted.
Francis Wilson, Edinburgh Castle, Frederick and Bathurst-streets. Granted.

James Atkinson, Travellers’ Rest, Muddy Plains. Granted.
Benjamin Brookes, Newstead Inn, Patterson’s Plains Road. Granted.
David Harris, The Mowbray Inn, George Town Road. Granted.
Walter Harris, St. Leonard’s Hotel, St. Leonard’s. Granted.
George Horder, Sir George Arthur Inn, Sandhill.
It was said that the premises required some repairs. Mr. Rocher requested that this application might stand over, as Mr. Horder had applied for a license for his own house at King’s Meadows, and if that were not granted the present application could be considered. This course had been taken on a former occasion. Mr. Douglas did not recollect of any such precedent having been made, and on behalf of the owner of the Sir George Arthur Inn, he objected to such a course being taken. The magistrates were bound by the Act to take into consideration the applications for renewals of old licences first, and then to hear applications for new licences. It would engage that all the necessary repairs should be effected. Granted.
William Lloyd Jones, Young Town Inn, Young Town. Granted.
William Johnston, Tamar Hotel, East Tamar. Granted.
John McKenzie, Rotherbythe Inn, Gravelly Beach. Granted.
Mary Moore, Hadspen Inn, Hadspen. Granted.
Josiah Pitcher, Rising Sun, Prospect Village. Granted.
Edward Rosevear, Rose Hotel, West Tamar. Granted.
William Turner, Hadspen Hotel, Hadspen. Granted.
Thos. Wootton, Bush Inn, West Tamar. Granted.

William Burston, Fire Brigade Inn, Brisbane-street. Granted.
Edward Cawe, Crown Inn, Elizabeth and Bathurst-streets. Granted.
William Hoyle, Britannia Wine Vaults, Wellington and Balfour-streets. Granted.
William Jackson, Scottish Chief, Wellington and Canning-streets.
It was stated that one conviction had been recorded against applicant for having persons of known bad character living in his house ; and the fences were not properly secured. Granted with a caution.
John Sullivan, Plough Inn, Charles street. Granted.
Patrick Torley, The Ark, Margaret and Brisbane-streets. Granted.

Edward Burns, Constitution Inn, Hill-street.
Refused on account of the unfitness of the house and the applicant.
Isaac Coote, Star of Tasmania Hotel, Howick-street.
Refused on grounds that that the house was unfit for the purpose; there was no necessity for a public-house in that locality, and there was an objection to the applicant.
William Hunt, The Volunteer, George street
Application refused, the house not being adapted, and there being no necessity for it
George Stewart, Volunteer Corps Hotel, Cameron-street.
Mr. Douglas appeared on behalf of applicant. Application refused on the ground of there being no necessity for a public house in that situation.
William Storier, Forest Hotel, West Tamer. Refused.

Edward Ackerman, Earl Dalhousie Baths. Granted.
Wm. Dobson, steamer Titania. Granted.
James Henderson, steamer Gazelle, Granted.

Examiner, 4 December 1860

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    He was my great great grandfather and one of his daughters married one of the Galvins.
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