Do you need help with:

Transcribing letters & documents
Transcribing handwritten letters from scans, or converting paper documents to searchable computer files.

Proofreading & editing of documents
Before going to expense of printing a leaflet or publication, make sure it is free of errors (proofreading) or says what you want it say (editing). This is a job best done by a third-party, otherwise you just see what you expect to see, rather than what’s there.

Identifying objects
You know that odd thing sitting in the corner that you’re not sure what it is? Or the photos that must be of someplace but who has time to sit down and work it out?

Online research
Origins of phrases? What did people eat or wear or drive to work in? Background research for information panels? Whether it’s a simple question or more involved, online research can soon become time consuming if you’re not sure where to look or just have other demand on your time. Much more efficient (and easier) to have me do it.

Error checking records
Records get outdated. Typos occur. More information becomes available. So many ways in which records become not as correct as you’d like, but updating or checking them can be a big job that is easier to keep putting off, while only makes it worse.

Family history inquiries (especially for Tasmania)
I’ve been doing this since before the Internet. I can find things…

Photos of buildings & headstones
I’ve been doing this for a long time too.

Or maybe your website is in need of an update, or your social media feels neglected

All those little jobs you keep putting off until tomorrow, I can do it for you. My rates are currently very reasonable, as I’m trying to grow my business.

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