Waratah Old Cemetery




(right headstone)
Dutton, Thomas George
Died 27 7 1925
Aged 53? years
Loved husband of Louisa (Barr?) and father of Laura —othy and —–

Lily May Mulibah Kempling, who died 10 April 1897, aged 10 years & 11 months
Only daughter of James & Ada Kempling


Difficult to read but I think it says:

by the members of the
IOO Tasmania
in memory of
Alexander McIntosh
Past Grand Master
who died ? waratah
? 19 July 1909
Aged ?

From the Mercury, 20 July 1909 he was “Past Grand
Master of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, and trustee of Waratah branch of the Amalgamated Miners’ Association.”


Vernon H Godwin
Died 9th July 1910
Aged 4 years


Our Dear Son and Brother
Owen Glen Jones
Died 14th June 1921
Aged 25 years


Susan Ann Treweek
Beloved aunt of
? & ? Treweek
Died ? [31 July 1913]


Timothy Mahoney


This could be John Lynch, an old resident of Waratah who died 5 October 1882.


Gordon James Richards
Died 20th April 1940
Aged 17 weeks

Third son of Joseph & Gertrude Richards


Walter Thomas Thorne
Died 15 October 1904
Aged 32 years

Mayry, wife of James Thorne
Died 9 June 1916
Aged 83 Years

James Thorne
Died 20 July 1923
Aged 92 years

Ages for bottom two might be wrong.
Funeral for W.T. Thorne




Joseph Nicholas Treweek
Died 20 April 1902
Aged 28 years
Death & funeral

Richard Treweek, husband of Jane
Died 1 November 1891
Aged 26  years




Frederick John White
Born at Swansea, South Wales
February 5th 1873
Died 12 May 1892 aged 19 years


Ernest Albert Gosman Penney
Died 11 February 1887
Aged 20 years

Accidentally drowned

Charles Arthur Columbine
Died 28 September 1910
Aged 30 years



Francis Quinton
Dearly Beloved Son Of
J and E Quinton
Born March 6 – 1881
Died July 15 – 1882


Olive Grace Snow
Dearly Beloved Daughter Of
G and A Snow
Who died 9 April 1891
Aged 6 months and 2 weeks

Gladys Snow
Dearly Loved Daughter Of
George & Alice Snow
Died Jan. 8th 1903
Aged 7 years & 9 months


Eliza Lily May
Died Nov 18 1892 Aged 6 months


Alice Pearl
Died Oct 22nd 1896 aged 6 months



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    joanne fischer

    December 16, 2019 at 10:25am

    Hello I think this is an old post but I thought it was worth a chance. I am looking for photos of busials in the Old Waratah Cemetery of a couple of my Alexander relatives and wondering if you would know where I could veiw them. Im not in Tasmania so I cant visit to take a look.
    Kind regards

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      Monissa Whiteley

      December 17, 2019 at 11:58pm

      I’m not sure if there is anywhere online. The only photos I have I have included above. (It was a quick visit on the way home.)

      I did go and have a look through the photo on my hard drive to see if I might have miss some but found no Alexander headstones. Sorry.

      (I’d be happy to go and take some, but as it’s on the west coast, it’d cost you a few hundred dollars so probably not worth it 🙂

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        joanne fischer

        February 16, 2020 at 4:18am

        Thank you very much for replying and for the offer. I’m hoping to come to Tassie in the near future so I’ll keep hunting till then.
        Kind regards,

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    July 1, 2020 at 4:05pm

    Hi could you please tell me where the cemetery is. Currently visiting the area.
    Is there just one for Waratah area? Would there be one for the old magnet village?

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      Monissa Whiteley

      July 2, 2020 at 9:06am

      I’m not sure. There are two. The old one (shown here) before you get into Waratah. I think it’s on Old Cemetery Rd (which is here). There’s a second newer one in the town that I haven’t been to, but I think it’s near the edge of the town on the road that goes onto the west coast.

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