Church of Christ, Geeveston


5 Brownell St, Geeveston. Google maps.

The Church of Christ at Geeveston was opened on 17 June 1906. The new chapel was described as a “neat wooden structure, splendidly situated, and seated to accommodate about 200 people”.
By the 1950s the church numbers were dwindling.
In 1978 it amalgamated with the local Congregational Church to become the Geeveston Community Church (the local Congregational Church had decided not to be part of the Uniting Church of Australia).
Tasmanian Archives & Heritage Office



An interesting and successful series of meetings has been held here in connection with the opening of the new chapel erected by the Church of Christ adherents in this town. The building is a neat wooden structure, splendidly situated, and seated to accommodate about 200 people.

On Saturday, June 16, a public social was held in the hall. Mr. W. J. Way (the evangelist of the church) presided. On the platform were Messrs. W. R. C. Jarvis, M.H.A., Rev. Bongers (Congregational), A. E. Illingworth (evangelist from Sydney), T. Pryor, and J. Rodd (of Hobart). The hall was full, about 350 people being present. The chairman explained the object of the meeting and the progress of the church. Mr. F. Sharp (treasurer) read the financial statement, and excellent speeches and musical items were given. The meeting dispersed at a late hour.

On June 17 the dedication services were held in the chapel, and wore all well attended and eminently successful. The speakers throughout the day were Messrs. G. Smith and T. Pryor (of Hobart), and W. J. Way (evangelist). The afternoon and evening services were addressed by Mr. A. E. Illingworth, of Sydney, who is now conducting a 11 days’ mission in conjunction with Mr. Way. Miss May Brown, of Hobart, contributed some beautiful solos at the respective services.

The progress of the church has been very steady, and the future prospects would seem to be brighter than ever. The visitors from Impression Bay, Bream Creek, Port Esperance, and a large contingent from Hobart, all assisted to make the opening meetings as enjoyable as they have been.
The Mercury, 23 June 1906

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