Three interesting things about York Minster

(I almost called this “You won’t believe what they found under York Minster.”)

Minster is Old English/Anglo-Saxon term, used for an important church, and cathedral is a new-fangled term the base for an archbishop.  A church can be either or, as with York Minster, both. It’s been built, (partially) destroyed and rebuilt many times since the 8th century, so I’m not going into that. (If you’re interested.) Instead, just three interesting things:

Interesting thing 1: The Minster is inhabited by teeny, tiny people. (Some are so small you might need to click on a picture to get a bigger version so you can see them.)

Interesting thing 2: The Crypt

Interesting thing 3: As previously noted, the city of York is built on the site of a Roman fortess.

This image from the Yorkshire Museum shows the location of the fortress in red, and there in the middle of the fortress site is the Minster. A few years back, they needed to do emergency work on the foundations to stop the central tower collapsing, and they discovered that more of the fortress remains underneath than they realised.

And if you want to see more Roman artefacts, here are some from the Yorkshire Museum.

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