Some photos of Truro

Now it’s November, I won’t have as much time to edit & upload photos. So it’ll either be less photos or less often.

For today, some pictures of Truro, the administrative centre for Cornwall. It’s a cathedral city with a population of about 20,000.

I’ll start with the cathedral because (as you might notice) it dominates the town. Everywhere you look, there’s the cathedral spires. I walk out of the door of the hotel and there’s the cathedral. OK that might be because it’s next door. It doesn’t look next door on the map but there it is.

This is the cathedral. Inside it’s pretty much the same as any other cathedral but less interesting. Maybe because it hasn’t had time to develop interestingness. It was only built in 1880. St David’s is older than that.

Except for the reredos. It is a very cool reredos.

The railway viaduct is the longest of the 42 railway viaducts in Cornwall. It was built in 1904. Some of the columns of previous viaduct stand beside it. You can see one in front of the middle column here.

The Victorian-era Coinage House has antiques shops and a tea house

Inside Coinage House

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