On the road: Tintagel to Bristol

I want to write more about Tintagel (there’s some interesting things going on when you start looking) but I need to get to Bristol. This requires catching four buses, with three changeovers. I could have done it in three but there was a town on the route I wanted to around.

The first stop is at Camelford. It’s a small place. Just this main street (and houses, schools, industrial areas etc). As previously noted, it’s a place to change buses. In particular, between bus 95 (which runs along the north coast) and buses to everywhere else in the world.

The next stop is Launceston, which used to be the capital of Cornwall.

It has a lot of narrow, winding streets.

The remaining town gate.

The castle is a motte-and-bailey castle (you can see the keep and the motte) from the 12-13th century, replacing an earlier timber Norman structure.

There is a ruined priory church too.

And the final changeover is at Plymouth. This is the city centre.



And down by the harbour is an older (touristy) area called the Barbican.

The harbour is very full of boats.

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