A Day Trip in which we visit Eboracum

This was the Roman city of Eboracum from about 70 CE to 400 CE. Ahead on the left of the river was a large fortress, built for the 9th legion, covering about 50 acres. On the right side was the town. Today we call it York.

There are a lot of photos. It was one of those see how you can do in a day trips. A lot, as it turned out. More than I expected. So it’s just a couple of photos from each place I went to and some random buldings along the way. But none of the interesting corners and details photos. I might do some individual posts later. (Quietly ignoring that I am just going to get more days like this, and not enough time to do posts. But if you’re interested in something, I can share some more photos.)

The Multangular Tower. The lower smaller bricks are Roman. The top part is Medieval. It was part of the fortress wall, built in the early 4th century and replacing an older tower.

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