A Morning on Unst

Muness Castle (it’s actually a tower house but it is fortified, possibly to protect him form the locals). Construction started in 1598 for a guy who was half-brother to Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney, whose son had Scalloway Castle built. (I mention them because they’ll probably come up again.)

The bottom level has a wine cellar, storage rooms & kitchen. The first floor has the great hall (shown here). Although less tony then, and more plastered or timber. The private rooms/chambers are in the turrets, and there was another floor above.

St Olaf’s Church or Lund Kirk (Lund is the location), the remains of a 12th century or earlier church.

A nearby standing stone.

The Iron Age broch at Underhoull.

Up close, it’s too big to take photos that give you any context, but you can see part of the outer ramparts on the lef.

And a very impressive view from the top. (That’s the Atlantic Ocean.)

There is another broch out there

A space station is under construction at Saxavord.

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