Western Electric Film Projector

Located in Neil Pitt's Menswear in Launceston, which was formerly the Majestic Theatre, Launceston.


This carbon arc projector was one of two main projectors used in the Majestic Theatre between 1929 and the early 60's. It was most recently kept as part of the collection of Geoff Scholes who regularly screened 35 mm films to friends and family. It's partner projector can be seen the George Town museum.

Charlie Napier Hotel, Sovereign Hill

This is one of two hotels in the main street of Sovereign Hill (open air museum & replica gold fields town). The other one, with less photos, is across the road.

Picture of original hotel.

Door to the right leads into the bar.

Two rooms off to the side. I presume they are parlours (one for men, one for women).

Two bedrooms upstairs, the first with one bed (one photo) and the other with four beds (two photos)

Also upstairs is a Masonic Hall.

Gaiety Theatre, Zeehan

A large theatre in a (now) small mining town. Built 1898. A small historical display within the building provides the following information:

Edward Mulchay M.H.A built a timber hotel called the Royal Exchange on the site of an abandoned silver/lead mine in 1882. It was totally destroyed by fire two years later but within five years he had assembled his own and other capital to enter into a new enterprise, the Gaiety Theatre and Grand hotel. The destruction of the Royal Exchange and his personal loss of 5,000 pounds were strong in his mind so the new building was to be built of bricks, the first of which were being made at that time in Zeehan by John Connor.

Numbers indicate (approximately) the view of the corresponding photo.

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