Mountgarrett’s Cottage (lathe & plaster construction)

Larger version

Mountgarrett's Cottage, Woolmers Estate. Constructed for Dr Mountgarrett in the 1820s and later moved to Woolmers, where it was used for agricultural purposes.

I wasn't going to post this one as the photos are poor quality, but because the building hasn't been maintained/restored as a residence, the construction details can be seen.

The cottage consists of two rooms. The main one  through the front door, which has had large double doors added at the back to allow access to the machinery, and a smaller room to the side.

Door to second room. Detail from wall below.

Carpenter Rimlock


Rim lock from the 1830s. The logo isn't clear on this lock.


This is from a similar lock (or mabye a bit older, because the top lock has "Patent Expired" where this one hasn't.) shows the arms of William IV pf the United Kingdow (reigned 1830-1836). Made in the UK, these locks were exported to Australia (where this one is) and the USA.

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