The purpose of this blog is to document women who had an occupation other than “wife”, or were involved in activities outside of the house.

Once I started looking, I found them in all sort of places. Unfortunately, most of them are Tasmanian and most of those waiting to be done are too. I’m sure women in the other colonies were doing things too and I would like to include them too. So, I need you help!

You see the ones I want to include are the ordinary women just living their every day lives. I find them…

as a name in an almanac

on a document in a museum collection

as a signature on a letter

in photos, on monuments, in news stories while I am looking for something else.

But the almanacs and documents and monuments I have regular access to are Tasmanian, so therefore are most the women I find. For interstate resources, I am limited to those whose stories who still retold or who have been included in a display at a museum I visit. Now, I am happy to include those too but for other others…. I am asking then, if you happen to come across a name or picture somewhere can you send me details or a photo of it. (And online collections or digitised documents too.)

It doesn’t have to be a lot. If you look through some of the categories to the right, you’ll see many of the entries are just a single advertisement or document, and others are mostly links to other places. Anything 🙂 Those women whose stories have been remembered or who have been included in a display at a museum are good too. I want all of them!

As long as it has an Australian connection, up to about 1900 and something I can include here (public domain), I’d like to see it.

(Opening image: Women’s Royal Naval Service recruitment poster, 1917, Australian War Memorial)

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