The idea is simple: if I come across a reference to a women doing something, I write a post about her.

If she has been written about elsewhere on the web, I do links. If I can find an obituary, I include that. If I have taken photos that might be in some way related, I include them. If I find other bits and pieces, I include those. Or all of those, or none.

The result is, hopefully, an interesting assortment that gives some indication of the varied lives real women led in the Victorian, Regency & Georgian eras.

Variety is what I am after, particularly a range of occupations, but also variety in age, race and class. Although having said that, I am most interested in ordinary working women whose stories HAVEN’T been remembered, and retold, and rewritten. Although I won’t to leave out someone just because her story is well known in certain circles.

The year range is up to 1910. Although the subject of the project is the 19th Century, pushing the limit out a decade provides a better range of resources e.g. the Weekly Courier, a weekly Launceston newspaper that has a central illustrated section.

My boundary is Australia, and because I am just including women I happen to come across, Tasmania tends to dominate, because that is where the source material I deal with mostly comes from. When I do encounter references to women in the other states/colonies, it is because someone has written about them or included them in a museum exhibit. or erected a monument, so there are less ordinary, everyday people. However, I do from time to time, pick a time and place and see what the local newspapers can give me.

I am also trying to get some variety in the material used in each post, particularly the image that appears on the main page. Newspaper text is a bit… dry. Where possible, I try to use a photo I’ve taken, but otherwise I use a newspaper screen shot. Where I can’t find anything, I use this image (it’s from postcard of a mountain hut on Mt Wellington):


Suggestions always welcome (especially if they comes with a photo I can use).