Sydney, 2

First post here.

Sydney has some interesting buildings. Actually, Sydney has a lot of interesting buildings, tall ones and big stone ones and just interesting ones. So here some photos of them.

I have a lot of photos of this place (former Dept of Lands building) on Bridge St. A big sandstone stone building, with lots of fancy work. I don’t think I have seen such a big sandstone building before. It’s is good for taking photos of.

Looking over my photos, I seemed to be mostly on Bridge St (because that was the incoming bus terminated) and George St (where I caught bus back to hotel). I was wondering where the bridge was that gave the street it’s name, and Wikipedia told me it was over Tank Stream (an interesting page that one, actually). Also, that Bridge St and George St (named over George III of course) are the two oldest streets in Sydney.

This is the former Water Police station & courts, that is now the Police & Justice Museum. If you visit here and the Susannah Place house museum, it is actually one dollar cheaper to buy a pass that also gets you into Hyde Park Barracks. So if you finish looking around here, and there’s still 90 minutes left before closing time, you might as well walk down to the Barracks as it is free.
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