Wreck of the Waterloo

Looking for something else, I came across this:

Registers of Convicts’ Deaths (CON 63-1-1, B 2)

That led to this…

POSTSCRIPT – We stop the press to announce the melancholy intelligence of the loss of the Waterloo, on Sunday, the 28th August, at Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope. By this fearful event 189 human beings were hurried into eternity, 143 of whom were prisoners, the rest were soldiers, women, and children. Seventy-six prisoners were saved, who will come on by the Cape Packet, chartered for that purpose. Dr. Kelsale, surgeon of the Waterloo, was saved by a prisoner, whose irons he had just ordered to he struck off. The Abercrombie Robinson, with 700 men of the 91st regiment on board, was also a total wreck, but happily on this case no lives were lost. The Marquis of Hastings, just arrived, has brought on the news and the despatches by the Waterloo, all the other papers and goods were entirely lost. — Hobart Town Advertiser Nov. 8.
Colonial Times, 8 November 1842
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