Hibernia–Verandah Wine Vaults–Jubilee

72-74 Bathurst Street.
Google Maps.
SE cnr Brisbane & Bathurst Streets. Google Maps.

Bathurst and Brisbane St, 2009.

1835 Josiah Pitcher, the Hibernia, Bathurst Street
1836-38 Josiah Pitcher, Hibernia/Hibernian Inn, Launceston
1839-40 Joseph Fossey, Hibernia Hotel, Bathurst Street
1840-41 Walter Hobson, Hibernia Inn/Hotel, Bathurst Street
1841-42 John Green, Hibernia Hotel, Bathurst Street
1842-45 William Lewis, Hibernia Hotel, Bathurst Street
1845 Edward Potts, Hibernia Hotel, Bathurst Street
1845-46 Thomas Dudley, Verandah Wine Vaults, Bathurst St
1846-47 Michael O’Meara, Hibernia, Bathurst Street
1847-49 Benjamin Walford, The Hibernia, Brisbane & Bathurst Streets**
1849-61 John Green, Hibernia (Inn), Brisbane & Bathurst Streets
1862-85 Jane Green, Hibernia Inn/Hibernian Hotel, Brisbane & Bathurst Streets
1885-86 Alfred Green, Hibernia Inn, Brisbane & Bathurst Streets
1886-97 George Green, Hibernia Inn, Brisbane & Bathurst Streets
1897 Francis Green, Hibernia Hotel, Brisbane & Bathurst Streets
1898 Walter David Johnston, Hibernia Hotel, Brisbane & Bathurst Streets
1898+ Walter David Johnston, Jubilee Hotel, Brisbane and Bathurst streets
**Change of location

Later Victoria Hotel. Now (2017) Irish Murphy’s. The current Art Deco facade dates from the 1930s. I can’t find any photos prior to this.

Photo 1942 (Jubilee Hotel, as best I can tell.)
Photo 1991

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North Esk Inn — St Leonards Hotel, St Leonards

327 St Leonards Rd, St Leonards. Google maps.


1857-59 R. Lewis, North Esk Inn, Patterson Plains/St Leonards
1860-63 Walter Harris, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1863 John Martin, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1863 Thomas Humphreys, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1864 James Ley, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1865-66 Henry Walbourne, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1867-69 William Harris, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards*
1870-1884 Walter Harris, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1884-1895 Charles Manser, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1896-98 Henry A. Percy, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1898 George Julius Petterson, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards
1899-1901 George Wilton, St. Leonards Hotel, St. Leonards

*William Harris might be the (adopted) son of Walter.

Richard Lewis, North Esk Inn, Patterson’s Plains.
The Police Magistrate gave some information respecting the applicants and the ocality of the houses. They were all new houses except the Commercial Inn and the iasgow Wine Vaults. He handed in a memorial against Mr. Hyrons’ house.
The applications were then considered in the following order:
Richard Lewis.-Mr. Douglas said the applicant was a well-conducted man, better known, perhaps, as “Dick,” the guard of the mail. The house was a new one, near Mount Esk. It was well recommended, was much wanted, and had good accommodation.
The Police Magistrate said there was no licensed house for miles, and he did not object. Granted.

Launceston Examiner, 2 December 1856
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Centennial Hotel

NW cnr Balfour & Bathurst Streets. Google Maps.

July 2016

1888 John Walsh, Centennial Hotel, Balfour and Bathurst Streets Street
1898+ Ernest Alfred Fawkner, Centennial Hotel, Balfour and Bathurst Streets Street

From “Annual Licensing Meeting”:
The application for the Jolly Butchers had special features. The house had been established for a number of years, and the tenant, Mr. Walsh, wished to purchase it when it was offered for sale by public auction, but the biddings did not reach the reserve, and then Mr. Walsh. proceeded to build the Centennial Hotel on the opposite side of the street and asked for a new license. Mr. E. Byron Miller appeared in support of Mr. Bachfield’s application, which was deferred until that of Mr. Walsh’s was before the bench, when, after deliberation, the application of Mr. Bachfield was refused, for the Jolly Butchers premises, although the proprietor had promised to re-model the premises so as to adapt them to modern requirements.
The Tasmanian, 8 December 1888

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Globe (4)

NE cnr George and Cimitiere Streets. Google Maps.
Built 1882.  Currently Lloyd’s Hotel.
Also known as Sharpe’s Family Hotel & Globe Family Hotel.

Photo, 1930


1882-1885 John Edwards, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere Streets
1886 William Sydney Monks, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere Streets
1887 Thomas John Strong, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere Streets
1887 Robert Earl, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere Streets
1889 Frederick Holloway, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere Streets
1889 Alfred Edwards, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere Streets
1890 Elizabeth Ann Edwards, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere Streets
1891-92 John William Holloway, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere streets
1893-95 John Philip Sharpe, Sharpe’s Family Hotel, George Street
1896 Lillian Phillips, Globe Hotel, George and Cimitiere streets
1897-99 John William Holloway, Globe Family Hotel
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Three Grand Masters–Shakespeare Hotel

1860-1879: southern corner St John St & the Quadrant Google Maps
1880+: SE corner St John & York Streets. Google Maps.
Later Metropolitan Hotel.

Location, cnr Quadrant and St John Street.

Cnr St John and York Streets.

Cnr St John and York Streets.

Photo, 1940s, as the Metropolitan.

1860-1862 Benjamin Hyrons, Three Grand Masters, Quadrant. G
1863 Thomas Bruff, Shakespeare Hotel, Quadrant name changed
1864-55 Benjamin Hyrons, Shakespeare Hotel, Quadrant
1866 Matthew Wilkes, Shakespeare
1866-67 Mr J. Solomon, Shakespeare Hotel, St John-street
1868-73 Joseph Dyson, sen Shakespeare Hotel, Quadrant
1874-78 Joseph Dyson, Shakespeare Hotel, St. John street and Quadrant
1880-88 Joseph Dyson, sen., Shakespeare Hotel, St. John and York streets location changed
1889-92 William Job Spearman, , York and St. John streets, Shakespeare Hotel
1893-1902 Hugh George Webb, Shakespeare Hotel, York and St John street
1903 Hugh Huston, Shakespeare Hotel, St John-street
1904 Edwin Waller, Metropolitan Hotel name changed
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Salmon & Ball — Riverview

Crn William & Charles St, Launceston. Google Maps.

First licensed to James Lilly 1850, as the Salmon & Ball Hotel.
Owned by James Lilly until his death in 1882, but licensed to William Wilkinson and William & Mary Doodie. When Lilly’s estate was sold, William Doodie purchased the hotel, made improvements and renamed it “River View Hotel”.

Still operating.

Photo, 1992


An interesting feature of this hotel is it was built on the site of the barque Kains that was dragged ashore and converted to a warehouse. It appears on Smythe’s map of 1835, marked as a ship.

The Cains Creek was at the bottom of Charles-street, where formerly the Salmon and Ball, but now the River View Hotel, stands. It was an artificial creek, dug out to allow the ship Cairns, wrecked in Whirlpool Reach, to be brought up and secured ; she was then roofed over, like a veritable Noah’s Ark, and was for some time used as a bonding store.
The Tasmanian, 14 May 1892

An interesting feature was the bonded warehouse situated at the foot of Charles Street, where the River View Hotel stands today. Actually that warehouse comprised the barque Kaines, which was wrecked at Whirlpool Reach and afterwards condemned.It was procured by a Launceston syndicate and floated through a canal to the block of land mentioned. A roof was put over it and a doorway cut in the side, it then being used for the warehouse.
The Mercury, 5 April 1935
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Cornwall Hotel (1)


Cameron St.
Originally constructed 1824
Licensed 1826
Currently Batman Fawkner Inn

Companion to Tasmanian History entry

From a lecture by Mr E. Whitfield. 1897:
About 1825 the Cornwall came into existence, and was kept by Mr. J. P. Fawkner, famous as having been one of the founders of Melbourne. He was a most useful man in the community. He was baker, butcher, general storekeeper, and sawyer. He instituted a circulating library, gave lessons in French, was lawyer, and pleaded for people at the Court of Requests; was also editor and proprietor of a paper, the “Launceston Advertiser;” added to this he was market gardener and coach proprietor.
Launceston Examiner, 6 February 1897

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