Wesleyan/Uniting Church, Ross


Opened in 1885, replacing an older chapel.

The old sanctuary, in which the Wesleyan Methodists of Ross and its neighbourhood have worshipped for nearly half a century, and which has became endeared to them by the associations of the past, being found unsuitable for present requirements, and the building itself fast falling to decay, it was therefore decided in the month of May, 1870, the Rev. F. E. Stephenson being superintendent of the circuit, to commence as soon as practicable the erection of this building, of which today two memorial stones are to be laid, one by Mrs. Horton, relict of the late Samuel Horton, Esq., of Somercotes, and one by Mrs. Parramore, relict of the late Thomas Parramore, Esq., of Wotmore and Beaufront.
The Examiner, 15 December 1882


That stone at the base of the tower says:
These stones from the old chapel are erected as a memorial to the pioneer Methodists of Ross, 1935


A church at Ross, in the Campbell Town circuit, which has been in process of erection for some, has been finished, and may now be reported. It is a substantial structure of freestone, built in Gothic style of architecture, cruciform shape, with gable spire. Two of the gables will contain handsome memorial windows of stained glass, one presented by Messrs. Geo. and Thos Parramore, and the other by Horton College. It occupies a commanding site, and is an ornament to the neighbourhood. The architect is Mr Percy Oakden ;the sitting will accommodate 300, and the entire coat is £4,000. Debt remaining £1,000.
The Mercury, 14 November 1885


The opening service took place on 22 November 1885. The church was described as thus:

The Wesleyan Church stands upon an elevated site in Church-street ; it is the first object that meets the eye of the traveller approaching the town by any road. The site was the gift of Mr. Thos. Parramore. The church, which is built upon a rock, is of free-stone taken from the Beaufront Estate. The masonry work, which is very solid, was performed by workmen paid day wages under the supervision of Mr. Will. The roof is slated. The whole of the woodwork, including the internal fittings, was done by Messrs. J. and T. Gunn, of Launceston, and reflects great credit upon that firm, the f?h being exquisite. On the north side of the church is a beautifully stained window, placed there at a cost of £130 2s. 11d. This window was given by old students of Horton College, as a memorial of their connection with that institution. A stained window is in course of execution, and will shortly be placed in the east end of the church, in memory of the late Thomas and Frances Margaret Parramore, the gift of their three children. The church will comfortably seat from 230 to 300 persons, and the voice of the preacher can be heard clear and distinct from any part of the building. The seats are uniform in quality and appearance, and are free.
The Mercury, 1 December 1885

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  1. my gg grandparents were married in this church, i have once visited it 10 years ago. There names were Peter Davis and Bridget Kennedy married 17th Feb 1851. Would like to find out what if any involvement they had in the church.
    Regards Joy Pretty.

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