8 thoughts on “St John’s Anglican Church, Launceston

  1. My relative Elizabeth Wilson had her funeral at St John’s Launceston on 3 January 1871. Do you have any idea where she is likely to be buried? Did St John’s have its own cemetery? Thanks Kylie

    • Most likely she’d be buried in either the Charles St General Cemetery or the Anglican cemetery in Cypress St.

      Neither has any headstones. There are various burial records for Charles St (linked in the post). I’m not sure about Cypress St. I put what I did know in reply to a comment on that post.

      • Records say that my ancestor Thomas Whyte was buried at St Johns Church, Launceston according to the church register died 1826.

        Do you know if there was a burial ground at the church as well as or before Cypress St?

  2. I have an ancestor, William Ashton, who, according to documents was buried in 1829 at St John’s, Launceston, County of Cornwall, Port Dalrymple.
    Can you tell me if there, is a graveyard there, and are there any headstones or markings?

    Many Thanks

  3. My ancestor John Sevior was buried at St John’s Launceston in late 1836. But it could have been in early 1837. A newspaper report of 1848 said that he headstone was broken by cattle rubbing against it. Where would his burial site have been please?

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