Jewish Cemetery, Launceston


Location on Google Maps. Not sure when this cemetery was in the use. The State Library ‘s guide to cemetery records says “1846?” for the year it opened. Possibly land was obtained at the same time the synagogue was built. The known burials date from 1858-1893.

I went to try and find some more via death notices.

Esther Davis, died 21/8/1862, aged 12 days

In 1891, part of the land was offered for let.

In 1927 it was in a bad state of neglect. From an article from the Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, 9 March 1927, with accompanying photo:

Until quite recently the Jewish burial ground at Invermay was in a shocking state of disrepair. A stranger walking down South-street a few months ago would have been surprised to come upon a paddock containing seventeen to twenty headstones, which was serving as a grazing ground and a fowl-run for the horses and fowls of the neighbourhood. When Messrs. Joseph and Crawcour took the matter over, however, they immediately concentrated upon getting the place cleaned up, and made to look respectable. They were greatly assisted financially by Miss Falls and Mrs Hartman, of Evandale, who both made substantial contributions towards renovating the cemetery. It has now been properly fence, and the graves and headstones attended to.

It is an interesting fact that among the Jew buried at the cemetery at Invermay is the father of J. W. Israel, ex Auditor-General of Australia. J. W.Israel was one of the Jews who were born at Launceston.


In 1938 the land was given to city council for use as a park (Examiner, 31 May 1938)


2 thoughts on “Jewish Cemetery, Launceston

  1. Hi my GGG grandfather Philip Joseph aka Moses Joseph was buried in this cemetery died August 7 , 1855 . I believe the Mr Joseph mentioned in 1927 must be one of his sons or even grandson ! Thankyou for your information now I know where the site was .

  2. Hello Susan.. Moses was my GGG also. and was a pleasant surprise to come across this site as well. I resided for near on a decade in Launceston and never discovered the burial site whilst there. Very Best Gregory Joseph.

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